momma bear

This is my very own public service announcement.

Our last little bird flew the nest about 14 years ago.  That is when I went from being a full-time mom (a job I took very seriously) to a mom that tries hard not to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. 🙂  I said tries.  ha

We had two birds.  Those two birds married two birds.

I consider myself the mom of four grown children.

Some of those “momma bear” instincts seem to lessen as the years slip by.  I don’t have a need to know what time they are in bed.  I don’t need to know if they are brushing their teeth or using soap when they wash their hands.  I don’t need to know that they use good manners when eating their dinners (I can secretly hope).

Then one day out of the blue, someone makes a very unkind comment about one of my FOUR children. momma bear quote

This MOMMA BEAR instantly comes alive and alert.  I AM FIERCE and ruthless.  No second chances.

I am here to tell you, the Momma Bear has been poked. 

I can put up with “friends” who exhibit bad manners or poor behavior, I can even tolerate laziness or choosing to be undereducated.

I WILL NOT allow anyone to be disrespectful to any of my children or grandchildren.  That also includes saying anything unkind about my birds.

Earlier today, I ordered a new shirt.momma bear

If you see me wearing said shirt, watch out.  I promise you won’t know what hit you.

I take my job very seriously.  I am extremely good at my job.

Don’t ever poke the Momma Bear.

Thus ends today’s service announcement.




12 thoughts on “momma bear

  1. Jan Lorenz

    Omg. That’s me! I HATE confrontation etc. But you mess with my babies you better look out! Lol
    PS: someone was an ass, your birdies (all 4) are awesome😊

  2. Mary Ann Engmark

    I’m with you my friend. Where did you order this from? I would like to get one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you and have a great day. Mary Ann

  3. Angie Mortimer

    Everyone should be so lucky to have a momma bear like you in their corner!

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  4. I really don’t understand why anyone feels the need to make unkind comments. ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. – Dalai Lama’ Not always easy, but always possible. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for such wise words. …..not always easy…… but possible.
      I chose to be kind by not commenting and instead purchasing myself a shirt. Maybe in a week or two, once I calm down, I will be able to be kind back to that person.

      I appreciate your thoughts. I will re-read them throughout the day.
      Thanks so much. D

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