pearls of wisdom

Late last year, after an event, I came home and promptly broke my favorite string of pearls.  It broke right near the clasp.  I have looked at that broken string since the end of November last year.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn to re-string pearls.  If you didn’t know, to have a pearl necklace restrung, the cost begins around $75.00 and goes up from there.

I went to Ship Wreck Beads (the most amazing bead store in the universe) and asked oodles of questions, bought a tool, some silk thread and a How-to book.

I needed/wanted to wear that particular string of beauties on Saturday morning.  They have a lovely weight to them and they are stunning.

Three you-tube videos later, one book, oodles of suggestions and 45 minutes of me trying to work the new tool WITHOUT taking off the safety tip (duh)………

Finally, I put on some beautiful piano music.  It calmed me down and helped my brain work on figuring this out.  It honestly helped.  Usually, if I remember to put on soothing music, it helps me figure out beautiful puzzles such as this and create with my hands.

I can’t really believe I can type this.

I did it.

Yes, I can now say, I know how to knot between each and put together a string of pearls with clasp.

I wore the pearls Saturday morning to a memorial.  I went home to change.  I was still wearing the pearl necklace when I went to the Feed Store.  Next stop Vegetable stand and then onto the Hardware store.

I do love the feeling of pearls next to my skin.  I still had them on and for the 4th time in one day, change my clothes, yet again,  to go out to dinner.

Still wearing the pearls.

I sort of wondered about wearing a pearl necklace to the Hardware store, then I remembered what Mrs. Kennedy said.  “Pearls are always appropriate.” 

pearls 2






In this together, friends,

Chat soon

ps.  Why yes, I typed this while wearing my pearl necklace.




11 thoughts on “pearls of wisdom

    1. Oh goodness, thanks for stopping by. Such a kind compliment.
      Yes, I worked late Friday night, I was on a mission. I was going to wear my favorite string of pearls.
      Even if I had to tie them on with a piece of rough jute. haha
      It was the perfect thing to wear them to. I love to keep track of what pearls I wore to what special occasion.
      The service was indeed a special occasion.
      Love ya, Pal,

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