Sweet Pea and Georgina

20190423_115536-1Today on my Youtube video, entitled, Sew Grateful, I shared a couple of finishes.  The idea of sharing them on this blog is to give a bit closer up photos of the projects.

Yes, I have crocheted baby blankets, however, never a big girl blanket.  Lucy at attic24 changed that.  https://attic24.typepad.com/

I will say, the final product is quite pleasing to the eye, the colors fall into the next.  My brain swirled & fell in love with the colors so passionately, I’ve since planted half a flower bed with sweet pea seeds.  Fingers crossed I will be bathed in Grace & colors & sweet scents in a couple months.  Until then, I can wrap the colors around me and dream.

Side note:  Good news, Mr. Right used it to take a nap and he said it works well.


Next project, The Georgina Thomson 1895 Sampler. She turned out beautiful and is now complete.  We will be taking to the framers this weekend.  Mr. Right’s grandmother is Georgina.  Listed in the Sampler is her home address where she grew up in Scotland, her name, her birth year, the initials of her 6 children and in the lower case letters, the initials of her 13 Grandchildren.

Finished scottish sampler

I began this piece on March 2, 2019, and completed today, April 26, 2019.  It was stitched on 28 count linen, the color called, White Chocolate.  I used overdyed threads.

Once framed, there will be a written family history explaining the family names, dates, places as well as the information regarding the linen and pattern…placed on the back of the piece.

I shared one other smaller scale project.  My lavender sachets.  I grew and dried the lavender.  Using up bits of leftover linen and thread, I stitch the sachets and add some beads and ribbon as adornment.  I give them as small tuck in gifts or add to a wrapped gift.  Some, I personalize with an initial.

The picture below is the window in my sewing room.  I use lavender as the “curtain”.

20160920_151104_resized_2lavender bundlesHere are some bits and pieces of my sachet making.

It was a pleasure to share my projects today.  Thanks so much for taking an interest in my hobbies.

I will leave you with some backyard spring flowers.

Happy Spring.

In this together, chat soon.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Pea and Georgina

  1. Pam Lacey

    I love the beautiful flowers and that you grow your own lavendar; it is gorgeous hanging from your window; I can only imagine how wonderful it mush smell. Your family sampler is truly a work of love and it is absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud of it; it will truly be an heirloom piece for your family. Can’t wait to see if you can grow the sweet peas; I don’t have much luck growing things here in the hot winds of Kansas. For years I had the old fashioned Hollyhocks in about six or seven colors and they were gorgeous and did well in the heat but the last couple of years their leaves have had gold spots on them and they have died out a lot. At least, I can look at your beautiful flowers. Enjoy the spring and happy stitching.

    1. Hi Pam, my goodness, thanks ever so much for stopping by and leaving such kindness in your wake.

      Okay, I planted the sweet peas and have been faithfully watering. Last night it got a bit cold so I crossed my fingers that they are okay. Oh, Hollyhocks are Gorgeous!!!
      Oh yes, I promise to keep sharing pictures of my flowers. That way you and I can share in the beauty and goodness!

      Wait! We both love cross stitching AND we both love flowers…..we are meant to be friends! Happy Stitching, new Friend!, Daleen

  2. Pam McIntosh

    Well, I don’t remember who suggested watching you on floss tube but I am grateful . You have brought me much enjoyment this week. I used to cross stitch a lot but haven’t in years but want to get back to it . I blame not being able to see like I used to , 65 yo eyes. I too am a military wife , 40 years last August . I have 3 children and 6 grands. We live in the San Diego area and have for many years . Your excitement is getting me excited to pull out some floss and get going . Thank you for that . I look forward to spending more time with you, so happy to have met you!

    1. Hi Pam, it is my pleasure to “meet” you. Oh, goodness there are oodles of suggestions for us girls with slightly older sparkly eyes. You could certainly try the mag eyes, glasses on amazon. around $13.00 and comes with 4 or 5 lenses (If I remember correctly). I still use my ott light and I take out the batteries in the mag eyes. A bit heavy on the bridge of my nose. I use those when I want to stitch on 36 + count fabric. Otherwise, I took my stitching to the eye doctor and actually showed him what my hobby was. He was quite interested and created a RX for me that I use as my sewing glasses. I think a good light is best to start with. Some of the lights have magnification built it. It sounds like you enjoyed stitching and want to get back to it. You are WORTH it and there are several ideas to help with slightly older eyes. Thanks ever so much for stopping by for a treat, some stitching and a story. Always a story. haha. Okay, this is me CHEERING you on! If you have any more questions about eye sight, I will gladly share what has helped me. In this together friend. Even though i am slightly jelly of you having 6 grands! We are thrilled to have 4. I am GRATEFUL that a kind, nice, military wife, granny with 6 grands, considerate girl like you is in my sewing circle. Happy Stitching, Daleen

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