What do you eat?

20190514_181701“What do you eat”?  Oh yes, I get that question a LOT.

We eat plant rich, nutrient-dense food.  Yes, that does mean, on occasion, we will eat fish.

I got the feeling that our friend didn’t want all the details.  She needed and wanted help fast.

Our friend was panicked.  Their granddaughter was coming to visit and their beautiful, intelligent teenager has bravely announced to the world that she has decided to be a vegetarian.

What do we feed her?

My answer:  food

Seriously, what do you eat?

So, I offered a few suggestions and good news, the granddaughter came to visit, brought some of her own food and everyone lived to tell the tale.

I decided for a week or two, I would share what we eat.  I would send my friend pictures, offer recipes if she asked.  I didn’t go into too much detail.  I wanted her to know that we eat pretty much what she eats minus the grilled steaks.

One time years ago we hosted a graduation party.  At the time, our youngest son was a vegan.  I made myself crazy by making vegan gravy and non-vegan gravy.  I made vegan dishes and non-vegan dishes.  I made vegan desserts and non-vegan…you get the idea.  I put pretty little signs in all the dishes to designate which was which. 

Stick a Fork in Me.

I was D-U-N.  Done!

Like NASA has a mission statement?  I needed a mission statement.    While cleaning up and doing twice as many dishes, I decided to make some changes.   My new mission statement:

  Make/bake excellent quality food with exceptional taste. 

I want my food to be so good that I don’t have to qualify what it is.  I don’t have to say: this is dairy free or gluten-free or sugar-free.  I don’t have to say, these crab cakes are made with Jack Fruit.  I don’t have to say this is vegan.  I decided to make and serve exceptional food.

When you come to my house and enjoy a Chocolate Chip Cookie, I won’t have to explain that they are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan…blah, blah, blah .   If you try my chicken nuggets, I won’t have to tell you there is no chicken involved.  Nor will I have to explain that my donuts are non-dairy, non-gluten, etc.



I will only have to answer you when you ask if there is more.



Homemade pasta and sauce so savory and filled with flavor (and blended veggies) that you will ask for seconds.


Stuffed shells worthy of a birthday dinner!  Oh, did I mention homemade ricotta “cheese” made from almonds?


We eat “Crab Cakes” with or without sauce.  These beauties are perfect small appetizers or larger for part of a meal.  Did I mention they are made with Jack Fruit?


Falafel & Hummus so good, so full of rich, bold flavors you will for sure be a clean plate club member.

What should you feed your granddaughter?  Excellent food.

In this together,

Chat soon

4 thoughts on “What do you eat?

  1. You make such amazing food and I am always impressed with how you use all natural ingredients. Thanks for this great post and all the inspiration you’ve provided over and over!!
    xoxo Joanne

  2. Margie Conner

    Hi, my name is Margie. I love your beautiful YouTube show and your blog is so beautiful! I am currently wfpb with a gf twist. Sometimes it is hard to eat! But I have met several people in the same boat.

    I would love for you to share your best recipes with me! I have been a vegetarian most of my life. I grew up eating cheesy this and eggy that. Heart attack food, basically. Then at the pleading of my youngest child, we went vegan about the same time my husband had a heart attack. God’s perfect timing! It took a few years to grow into it and feel comfortable.

    At church potluck, I used to mark my dishes ‘vegan’ so I could get some (most vegetarians are leary of vegans, I have learned). Now, I cannot label them as gluten-free vegan or they would be gone by time I got there! Times have changed!

    A friend, Cari, and I, along with more helpful friends, used to run a soup kitchen once a month called Daniel’s Kitchen. It was mostly vegan with a vegetarian option. After years of hard work on my friend’s part, she is a bonafide entrepreneur, we have opened a plant based, mostly whole food restaurant. Since I come up with a lot of the ‘specials’, I am always looking for new and exciting recipes. So feel free to share your best! They will be greatly appreciated!

    Look us up on Facebook. The cook, Lori, usually posts the special board every day, unless she forgets! 😀😋

    Eternally grateful,
    Daniel’s Kitchen board member
    One who likes to’play’s in the kitchen!

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