Fancy floss tube follow up

In November of 2018, I put on my snazzy red cowgirl boots and gathered up some courage and made my first floss tube video.

My mission?  Meet and Make new friends.  Boy Howdy, I hit the Jackpot.  I have met the kindness, nicest folks.

My stitching friends have bathed me in Grace and Goodness and I feel so lucky.

Here are a couple photos of some of the pieces I spoke about today.

First, here is the cardboard pattern I made to create the sachets.

I used DMC  208, 209, 211, 469, 471 and 550.  It is what I had on hand.
I made the template out of a piece of cardboard.  It is 4 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall and I rounded the top corners.
 I used a 1/4″ seam to sew together.  Also, I cut a piece of ribbon 8 ” long and put it in between the fabric before stitching.  I sewed together, turned, rolled out edges, clipped corners and ironed.  I added between 1/3 and 1/2 cup dried lavender prior to my hand stitching closed.
I added some beads and a charm to the top, right under the ribbon.  On the back, I stitched on a tassel.
I used Summer House Stitch Works, Rebecca’s Primer for the upper case letters I stitched for certain people.  Or I left them off, still looks nice.
I used 100% cotton fabric for the backing.  The mystery linen (most likely 28 count)  I used is leftover pieces of this and that from projects I have done.


Needleworker’s Sampler by Brenda Gervais.  I am stitching on 28 count linen with the called for colors.  I began this piece on May 6, 2019, my birthday.  It is a pleasure to stitch and the colors are lovely.

Today’s scrumptious snack was a berry smoothie and savory hummus.  Please, no eating in the sewing room.  That berry smoothie could cause havoc.


I finished Awake my soul and Sing by La-D-Da.  28 count linen.  It was blue to begin with.  Once it was stitched, I did not care for it.  I tea and coffee dyed it and then baked for 20 minutes.  I pinned and this was my first time using double-sided tape.  I used a frame that I already had.


Thanks kindly for stopping by.  I appreciate you being in my sewing circle.

To think we are all connected by thread is humbling. 

In this together,

Chat soon.

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