dessert, yes, please!

Several years ago, Mr. Right built our coffee table.  She is a beauty.  It is square with two generous drawers.  One for display and one drawer to hide goodies in.  It is topped with a thick, substantial, beautiful beveled piece of glass.

You can tell when the Grands come to visit.  Mr. Right removes the piece of glass and in its place 20160413_144534-1inserts a piece of wood painted as a chalkboard.  It is BRILLIANT.  We put out the chalk and the kids get to create and draw whatever pleases them.  On occasion, the parents join in and draw as well.

While creativity is wonderful, the main reason we switch from glass to chalkboard is so that the Grandparents don’t ever have to say, NO.

Please don’t beat your toys on the glass.  Please don’t scrap your cars across the glass.  Please don’t put stickers on the glass.  You get the idea.   Also, their parents aren’t jumpy and nervous.  Everyone can get behind the idea of a chalkboard.

Wait for it,  this year, another BRILLIANT idea to share………. a successful idea these Grandparents came up with.

The parents of our grandsons try to avoid giving the kids sugar.  So that means after they finish their dinner,  this Granny doesn’t have glorious desserts baked and ready to shower her grands with.  I did not bake chocolate chip cookies or make Rice Krispie squares, no lollipops, and so forth.

After dinner when they are clean plate club members…… I had nothing to give them! 


So, I invented the Dessert Basket!  After each dinner, if you have used good manners, eaten most of your meal (or not, I’m the granny, I make the rules about the dessert basket)……. You get to choose one item from the basket.

I bought an inexpensive plastic, colorful basket.  I filled it with Hot Wheels cars, and finger puppets, mini dinosaurs, plastic sharks, squeezie bathtub toys, stickers, eyeballs, paddle and ball toy, and more.  Nothing was wrapped, everything in plain sight.  The little person who was done with dinner got to choose a dessert.  Once chosen, the basket went out of sight until the next day.  20190526_220348

One day, while bike riding, the four-year-old asked me, “what do you think I should choose from the dessert basket tonight?”

Um, I think I love this idea.

  1. Parents are happy. no sugar.  check.

2. Grandparents are thrilled to give goodies to their grands.  check.

3. The grands seem to like the idea.  check

The only downside?  When the basket is empty, the glass is back in the coffee table ………….that means the little people have gone home.20190603_112059

Guess I need to get busy and start refilling the dessert basket for next time.

In this together, friends,

Chat soon.





6 thoughts on “dessert, yes, please!

  1. Sue Leigh

    Oh, my stars and garters, I am saving this whole set of ideas, if that’s all right, Daleen!! You and Mr. Cutiepie Right come up with such ingenious ideas that are so practical POSITIVE, and useful over and over again!! I feel like I should have to pay for these ideas! I hope you will be one of my go-to friends for ideas. Thank you for being so creative and so generous in sharing. Hugs, Sue

      1. Sue Leigh

        You know what, my friend? You have done so much good and worked so hard to do right and be thoughtful and loving in your life, that I have to speak plainly and tell you of my conviction that your goodness far outweighs any imperfections in the culinary arts or in other areas of life. We all have weaknesses to overcome, but WE ARE NOT OUR WEAKNESSES! We are our sacrifices and sufferings and the intent of our hearts and what we are willing to do for our Savior. I feel like I know WHO you really are, and I love you for it.. I have to be who I really am and speak truth, even it’s socially verboten to do so. Hope it doesn’t frighten you that I’ve shared these thoughts, but all the years I felt I had to be a “pleaser” sickened and wearied my soul. Now I find peace in being congruent, even if people aren’t used to it.

      2. Hi Sue, Thanks, kindly for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts. That is one of the best things about you. i love that you are brave enough to speak your mind. All while being kind and considerate about it. With a dash of humor tossed in. While you may have been writing this about this post, I was thinking about my latest video. I tried, really I tried to get 8 seconds of music to play. I thought i had taken enough notes. Jeepers, to no avail. Then I read what you said and think….gosh, wasn’t that nice of me to leave 8 seconds blank for the subscribers to sing their own favorite song?????? how sweet of me! Thanks again Sue for being in my corner and lifting me up when I sure did need it. You are a gem and I appreciate your kind spirit. Hugs, Daleen

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