soulful art

20160609_122956 (1)Finding new pieces of art or the perfect place to showcase it can be tricky.

I have been searching for 3 months, on and off.  Looking for a calm, serene, quiet piece of balance for our new spa master bathroom.  I had a budget in mind and yet even when upping said budget, nothing spoke to me.

Searching in person didn’t work, on-line through several sources nothing really raised its hand and said PICK ME!!!

While organizing the sewing room, I came across a large, rather flat box I had been saving. That is the holding place for several  of drawings, etchings, special pieces we have purchased on our travels, art our kids had made, this and that……….all in the que to be framed and hung out in the light of day to enjoy.  someday.

As I flipped through the pieces I remembered several places we have visited.  A harbor scene, a path, a copy of a printed page, a castle, a fall scene……..all nice, yet not “the” one.  I dug a little deeper.  Oh wow, bright and colorful…might be perfect for the laundry room?

Without much fanfare, I went to the next piece.  I stopped.  I took it out.  I closed the lid and put the box away.  That calm, serene watercolor made by our son in 2003, quietly called my name.

The following day I was standing in the frame shop.

Today, I picked it up and brought it back home. 20160609_122943

I hung it in the place it was meant to hang.

It did my soul good.  The ideal place, a gentle reminder to wash away the dust.

Picasso said it perfectly. quote_picasso_art-washes-away-610x610







abandoned (he)art

I can’t sugar coat it any longer, exhaustion has hit.  The feeling is as heavy as a sopping wet wool blanket draped over me.  It feels dark and ominous.  Just getting out of bed and doing the day’s chores has become monumental.

Packing and moving is tricky, frustrating, thrilling, happy and all whipped together it makes you dog tired. A bit over tired.  Once we spend a month or so back in a routine of exercise, good food and juicing, things will return to some sort of balance.

I caught myself sitting and staring at nothing.

Sewing or stitching calms my spirit and helps me breathe.  However, the thought of beginning a huge sewing project or quilt is just too much.  The things that normally tickle my fancy…… for fabric, choosing colors, pinning the quilt together, well to tell the truth, are just too much for me right now.

I really felt the need to create something.  Maybe something small, easy, pretty.  Creating things help me get back in balance.

20160421_161033As so many times in life, the project “found” me.

Actually a California friend shared the idea (no, we have never met in person………..I think we found each other through a wellness group online)……..she seems like the kind of person I would want to hang out with.  Explore a cool outdoor museum and then have some really great fish tacos at a stand near the beach, all while talking about planting organic potatoes.

Side note:  Don’t you think it is wackadoodle how I imagine friendships?  I honestly don’t know if she plants potatoes or not.  Nor do I know if she eats fish tacos.  Just something about her slips through the computer screen.  Good, kind, funny, smarty pants, cool, lovely, a bit mischievous and inspiring. 

Anyway, she found a group giving away love.  Yes, love and goodness.  It is a group on Facebook called, I found a quilted heart  .

She shared the idea and just like our imaginary organic potatoes, it took root.

The idea is simple.

20160421_152427Make a heart.  Give it away.  Spread some love and kindness.  The end.

Just a random act of making art and then abandoning it for some other soul to find & somehow magically bathing that person in love and grace.  Not through lots of chatter.  No names.  No sewing rules or skill level needed. No person to thank.  Pinned with a short note:  Take me Home.  (On the back the website to share if you found a heart.)

In case you have forgotten, there is good in the universe.  Between the bills, the sorrow, the hurt, the brutal actions of some, the loneliness, the poverty, the constant bad news and yes the exhaustion……..kindness and love slip through the cracks.

Like a perfect purple flower taking root in the crack of the sidewalk.20160421_161039

One  person, channeling the good in the universe and making a small heart for another human.  A gentle reminder that they are loved.  Both of the people.  One having a job to make the heart and the other person has the moment when they pick it up and gather all the good karma that was sewn into it.

Both equally healing.

Bits of fabric, ribbon, beads…..all threaded together to form a heartfelt act of random kindness.

BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world.




ripples of kindness

When you plop a pebble into an undisturbed pond, you instantly get a circle, then another and so on.  The ripples spread in concentric circles quickly.  For some reason, you can’t take your eyes off the simplistic beauty.  That very first plop in the center.  You are in the moment. That center is where goodness begins.

This is a real life story about ripples.

You might remember the story I wrote about the planting kindness…the poinsettia?  Ring a bell?   It was just a couple of weeks ago.  Seems like gallons of water have gone under the bridge in a very short time.  Our gifts have been mailed, all the Christmas cards have been licked shut & sent on their way.  Even a couple of the candle bulbs in the window have already been replaced.

I shared that story, having no idea who or how many would read it.

Sunday, we hosted a memorable dinner party.  You know the kind?  You make an extra pot of coffee during dessert, the conversation is so lively and uplifting.  You want the evening to last longer.  You think about moving everyone into the other room to more comfortable chairs…..then one story leads to another & another and the laugher rolls on.  Somehow the company & conversation is so delightful and smart and thundering forward it slips your mind to move.  You can’t wait to hear which direction the stories will twist. You want to listen & share & learn more of each person.  While the food is exceptional, it pales in comparison to the company around the table.

A dinner party so lively and interesting that you are able to take pictures of the food preparations before the guests arrive and then you quickly toss your phone in a drawer and never give it a second thought.  You have unplugged the telephone because you want your guest to feel that important. You honor yourself enough to turn off the distractions and be in the moment.

A gathering of such smart & sassy friends that it never once crosses your mind or anyone else for that matter,  to take pictures of the people or food to share on social media.

An evening so perfect, you become private and want to hold the moment dear. You don’t want to share.  It will be forever imprinted on the minds of those gathered.  Such a special moment in time, all else is secondary. Sometime during the evening, you have a warm feeling and you just know this is where you were meant to be. A moment marked in time.

One of the special guests, seated at our table,  is an artist.  An artist that just happened to read my post about poinsettias.

As artists will do, they seek and gather inspiration from everywhere.  One morning in the early hours prior to dawn, the artist had to get out of bed, to paint.  The painting was already in her head, she just needed to get it out & onto canvas.  The brush strokes were fast and furious.  The saturated color became more intense with each layer.  The inspiration was calling to be shared.

This particular artist & painting have grabbed the attention of several and marched on to already win several prestigious awards.

The painting has a name,  “Miss Daleen’s Poinsettia.” 

To say I was honored is an understatement.  Took my breath away faster than being on the downward track of a roller coaster.  Such a grand gesture along with my name given to such a work of beauty.  I have never ever, ever had a painting named after me.  Blushing just typing that.

When I think of my friend’s dad,  giving the poinsettias and my request for planting kindness in the month of December, I get all soft and gooey inside.   I know of FOUR poinsettias that have been given to others just for goodness sake.

The ripples in a pond.

The first pebble in this story was tossed by Craig.

The circles are growing,  kindness is spreading.

As dinner drew to a close, my friend got up and handed me a wrapped gift.  It was huge.  My Spidy sense told me to pay attention, this is one of those moments in life.  I carefully tore the paper.  I could feel the cold of the glass.  I felt the heft of the frame.  Mr. Right winked at me across the table.20151221_205454-1_resized

Miss Daleen’s Poinsettia was in my hands.

It took my breath away.  My eyes watered.  I stumbled with the only words I could say.

Thank you.

The ripples of kindness splashed all over me & colored me grateful.

Kindness is spreading.


step into a dream

Sometimes it is easier for me to write with someone in mind. Today, I am writing to a beautiful, smarty pants, charming, “joyful” hair girl I know.

She has a dream of traveling to Paris.  Instead of being the weird wife of a fellow co-worker, I want to be an uplifting, encouraging, human being nudging her towards that goal.  I want to push her just far enough that she can actually see and feel her dream coming alive. I want to be part of that magic.

Yes, she has an envelope that she “feeds” when she can.  Yes, she has pictures of the Eifel tower to gently remind her.

I want her to buy a Barret, a stripy black and white shirt.  I want her to buy a loaf of really quality French bread and excellent cheese and go on a picnic with her boyfriend and dream about Paris.  I want her to bathe herself in the beautiful pieces of art that were created and shown in Paris.

Actually, I want to shove her to jump in with both feet. I want her to write down her goal/dream.  I want her to see it every single day on the refrigerator. See a note every day on her mirror.  I want her to plaster her desk area with beautiful lovely pictures of Paris.

I want to gently nudge her to take in the “intimate impressionism” exhibit that is now at the Seattle Art Museum.

Last night was date night!!  I know, weird timing?  Smack dab in the middle of a work week.  Take time out, put on a cute sassy pencil skirt and head to the museum with Mr. Right.

This particular exhibit is on loan from the National Gallery of Art.  They call it “everyday moments of lasting beauty”.

We were treated to a selection of art on a personal and intimate scale.  Most often grand oversized paintings, painted to be seen at public exhibitions, these gems were on a smaller scale, yet the same breath-taking moments happened.  In the most lovely of ways. I giggled at one (and bought a post card to share) and slipped by one or two that were not to my liking.

We gazed upon works by Monet, Degas, Renior, Sisley, Vuillard, Van Gogh and more.

As you know, the first impressionist exhibition when the group was given this name, took place in 1874 and included 30 artists and 165 works of art.  For Sale!  They had to stay until the end of the exhibit, however, all were available.

This group of mostly friends, helped each other.  They encouraged one another.  They painted each others portraits, they painted out in the air, together.  They ate together, pooling what funds they had.  They shared and painted over canvases and when money was scarce, they painted on cardboard. They shared and lifted up each others dreams.

Instead of being hurt and crushed by a nasty and critical review meant to discredit their work, the critic Leroy, instead invented their identity. The Impressionists.

We each chose our favorite piece from this exhibition.picking flowers, RenoirIt was a surreal feeling of being surround with such treasures.  You could almost feel yourself silently slipping into their gardens and sitting behind artist as they created.  When you really paused a moment to look deep into the layers of paint, you could imagine the oil smell.  You could feel the draft in the room.

We chose postcards to send to our grands. flower beds by van gogh

We talked about places we had visited that were depicted in some of the paintings.

Over dinner, in the big city, we discussed the pieces even further.

Driving home we talked about brush strokes and some of the frames. We talked about color.

I talked about the “Porcelain” room at the Museum.  Bar none, my favorite room in the museum (permanent display).

This morning in our notes and card to each other, you guessed it, we discussed art.

Here’s the thing, art and artists have a way of evoking emotion.  Passion, dreams, hope, pure beauty.  This unique group of people helped each other thrive. At times, it was not easy.  It took years and years for some to sell their works.  However, there was strength in their coming together. Strength in all having a vision, a dream. There is great strength in others seeing your dream as something that is attainable.

Instead of being singled out for being wildly “independents” & “intransigents” they were a group with value.

One of my favorite pieces in this collection is “Argenteuil” by Claude Monet.  I adored the slips of light that filtered through the trees.  However this painting was extremely discomforting to many in 1872 , because it’s swiftly applied, visible brushstrokes made it seem unfinished to tradition-minded art critics.

After he had returned from the municipal exhibition in Rouen, and until the end of 1872, the most important part of Monet's artistic output took place in Argenteuil. Most of his work was done on the right bank of the Seine, the Argenteuil side, painted facing the setting sun beyond the trees of the promenade. The road and rail bridges, the Seine, the sky of Ile-de-France, and the promenade's trees would become the key subjects in Monet's work in Argenteuil, forming the most distinctive motifs of this highpoint of Impressionist painting. Here, the painter focuses his attention on the physical features, especially the promenade and the river, but typically at the same time he suggests a human presence through small details.

Instead of one person having a dream of travelling to Paris, collectively as kind humans we need to jump in and lift up that dream. Maybe skip a coffee drink and share the money for the dream envelope?  Maybe share a favorite artist that walked in the very city she wants to discover?  How about sending her a postcard with a stunning view of a landmark that she will one day explore.

Dreams and goals are attainable.  Dreaming together brings more strength to the goal.

“Paris is always a good idea”  ~ Audrey Hepburn

Here’s to you and your dream!  May you surround yourself with all that is Paris and by doing that, you are one step closer to being there.

I want to be part of the dream.  I look forward to the day, when you want to sit down with coffee and share pictures of your travels.

Have Dreams, Will Travel.

flaming Friday

Fridays come with the light-hearted anticipation of the weekend.

Oh sure, Friday’s come with a bucket full of chores.  I am good with that.  If I clean and do the linens and towels and fill the refrigerator full of great food (a full and appealing refrigerator is a thing of beauty)………….then the weekend can be spent more on having fun than doing household jobs.

I also fill my Fridays with beauty.

To start the day, I jumped into the world of Sir Fredric Leighton.  1830-1896  I try and expand my world on Friday mornings with an artist that I have not studied.  Sometimes I work off a list of artists I would like to explore.  Sometimes a friend mentions a name or a painting and off I go.

flaming-june-frick-frederic-lord-leightonA couple of days ago, a friend mentioned her favorite painting.  Flaming June  .  Oh my, I saw in an instant why she would say that. The painting (I viewed a photograph of it, through the computer) must be stunning and breathtaking in person.  It sort of grabbed my heart and soul and wouldn’t let go.  The saturated color, the sensuously draped girl……..the gauze folds of the fabric……..I need a bigger word than lovely.  I can’t really find great words.  The painting stands on its own. Yes, it takes your breath away.

Then again, Sir Leighton’s bronze statue , 1877, An Athlete Wresting with a Python is staggering.  It catches you, somehow by surprise.  The raw power and strength slaps you in the face the moment you gaze upon the work. athelete wrestling

Music Lessons is a painting that will capture your heart and soul.  This painting seems like one an art teacher would music-lesson-1884display and discuss and share.  Again, the fabric is so life-like you want to reach out and feel it.  The meaning behind the work is well……. charming and quietly powerful.

While I instantly fell head over heels in love with Flaming June,  I think I will choose The Fisherman and the Syren 1856-1858 as my favorite of the week.  My heart and soul were somehow awakened by the natural beauty.  The remarkable attention to detail almost has you believing it is a photograph and not a painting.

If you are so inclined, maybe on your lunch hour, you would be wise to fill your spirit with beautiful works of art.   Maybe you will find time to look up this painting, my favorite of the week.

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.  Friedrich Nietzsche


Dance-At-The-Moulin-De-La-Galette-largeMany moons ago, before the majority of my daily study time was devoted to healing………….

I used to study one artist a week.
One of my sincere favorites, Pierre Auguste Renoir
Limoges, France………..Impressionist, painter/sculptor
He was born, February 25, 1841.
I have been fortunate in my life to view some of his works in person.
Dance at the Moulin Dela Galette
The-Children-Of-Martial-CaillebotteThe children of Martial Caillebotte
The coast of Brittany Fishing Boats
I am quite sure you have your own favorites of his. The-Coast-Of-Brittany--Fishing-Boats-large
My list could go on and on…………….
so could my smile.

June, Block of the Month

This month’s Globe Trotting Block of the Month, is called St. Louis.  My favorite so far.

DSCN4693I wasn’t too hard on myself.  Three out of the four triangle points met up nicely.  I didn’t even want to rip out the third.  I was okay with it.  Close enough,  in the persnickety department,  that is a huge step for me.

I love the design.  I love the way the triangles meet up.  I loved fussy cutting the yellow fabric.  Each piece melded together beautifully.  It was a pleasure to create.  I chose great background music.  Actually, a spring day, I turned on the heat to take the chill out of the sewing room.  It was my own little cocoon.  A safe, cozy, happy cocoon for sewing and creating and smiling.  When I step into my space, I can forget about being sick.  I can forget to check email or run errands.  I can just be.  The dog comes in and circles and circles and finds the perfect spot for her.  It is all rather safe and lovely.

This is month six of the Globe Trotting project.  The final product is starting to show its true colors.  I “heart” the way it is taking shape.  I have chosen a bright and cheerful yellow stripe to tie all the pieces and parts together.  I think it will make these blocks sing together happily.DSCN4695

Yesterday, while sewing, I was sort of daydreaming.  (not during the measuring and cutting portion)  I have given several quilts and wall hangings away.  I counted 15 or so quilts still “hanging” around our home.    I was toying with the idea of taking them all outside and laying them in an organized manner on the grass.  Taking a ladder and climbing to the top and snapping some pictures.  Or I had another thought, hanging them all along our fence line.  Surrounding the back yard with quilts.  Just the thought of those photographs makes me smile.

creative daily


stitching my story

Yesterday while having a manicure, the lady said to me, “very short nails”.  I said, ” yes, I practice the piano and I stitch and I use my hands a lot.”  She just smiled sadly at me.  You see, in a nail salon, long, beautiful nails are the goal.  I just wanted mine to be healthy, clear and polished.

DSCN4056A sassy friend posted this verse yesterday.  It reminded me of what hangs in our hallway.   I got up to snap a couple of pictures.  If you look in the reflection, you can spy my white bathrobe.  haha

This counted cross stitch piece I did several years ago (wow) measures about 12 ” X 14″.  I stitched it on oatmeal colored linen. It has yellowed in just that amount of time.  I stitched over two threads as one.  This particular piece took somewhere around 90 hours to complete.

I really love the rhythm and rock of the needle with counted cross stitch.  It makes me happy.  I love to hear Jeopardy on in the background and stitch away, while Mr. Right shouts out the answers.

When our boys were younger and homework and writing was going on, I would sit and observe quietly, while they worked away.   I have stitched at playgrounds while they played and all sorts of sports venues while we waited for the game to begin.  I have stitched in airports and airplanes looooong before you were seen as evil if you dared to bring a two-inch pair of scissors with a blunt end and a needle on a plane of innocent people.

This particular sampler, I remember sitting in a chair, then a straight back chair, then a box, then the floor……..all in one day.  The packers were boxing up our household goods for a military move.  I had to be there, but could not help (insurance forbids folks from helping).  So I stitched and stitched some more.DSCN4058

Almost every time a new President is Inaugurated, I am in front of the television, watching the pomp and circumstance, all day long and yes, stitching.  You know I am serious, when I get up early, do my chores, put on something for supper to simmer all day and then nestle in to stitch.

Some people are lucky enough to have one piece or one sampler.   I have taught cross stitching, I have made several for gifts.  In the last 15 years or so, I have been keeping a few for myself.

I am fascinated with the sampler.  In the days gone by, no paper to be had.  So a person would stitch a sampler (practicing the alphabet and numbers), stitch their name, the date, animals, people etc… and then pass this piece around as the “pattern”.  People would copy it, insert their name and date and pass it on.

Many times, in the late 17th and early 18th century, the letter J would be left out.  The idea was that you could practice the letter I and then the loop of the J would be practiced with other letters. I have one sampler that I have done this.

Sometimes, I would finish a piece on say, March 28th.  However, I have stitched one of my kids, nieces’, God children and now Grand babes  birthday into the piece.  I just thought that someday, when everyone is dividing things up my things, they would pick the sampler with their birthday stitched into it.  🙂

I have been sad to watch all the small businesses selling counted cross stitch patterns, thread etc.. go out of business.  I now order all my patterns and fabric and threads on-line.  Good selection, just not the same.  I love to see what others have done.  I love to compare and share and learn.   There is a shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma and one in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania that are on my bucket list.  Yes, I am coming to visit one day and I am bringing a sack lunch.  I am staying all day long!

DSCN4061Why?  Why are all the small handicraft business closing their doors?  Why is it not a valued and honored skill and tradition?  Are we spending so much of our free time taking a chance at a Casino?  Is our free time eaten up with going to the latest and greatest restaurant or playing a computer game for two hours to “pass the time”?  Are our crafting dollars being spent on the newest gadget and the latest must haves?  

I was reading that every house hold needs a quilt or two or seven.  Every bed in the house could utilize 2 or 3 or more.  Each person we meet could wrap up in a quilt.  There is a never-ending amount of people who would love a quilt.  To quilt is a skill and it just happens to be very popular right now.

Yes, I adore quilting.  I adore hand quilting.  Going out of style very quickly.  Folks want their pieces machine quilted and fast.  I love the colors and the fabrics.  I will continue to quilt.  I do find great joy in the art of quilting.  It is a hand craft that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

I guess most of us don’t “NEED” a sampler that took 90+ hours to make.  Most of us don’t want to spend close to $100.00 to have a piece of needlework framed.  A framed piece hanging on the wall will not keep us warm at night.

I must say, I still smile every single time I walk by that piece and the others.  It warms my heart.   I still love that first stitch.  I love the wrinkled piece as I make the pattern come alive on the linen.  I love the idea of my Grands having a piece that was stitched with love and skill.

I love the process.  I really love the idea of making something of value to pass on. I am grateful for the skill I have built.

Popular or not, I will continue on.  Every single day of my life you will find some piece of needlework I am creating.

 Idle hands are the devils’ playground. 

 Sometime today, you will find me stitching.  I would love to hear what you are creating in you neck of the woods.

Charming Spring

DSCN3995I made a new bracelet to celebrate spring and friendship.  It makes me tickled just looking at it.  So happy, I want to finish my Saturday chores quick, so I can put it on and walk around all fancy and giddy.

It is called Spring Dreams Bracelet Kit.  It was designed by Kelsy Vincent.

It came with all the charms and beads and bobbles.  It included 50 head pins and jump rings and leaves and more.

Some of the charms are Preciosa Crystal, Swarovski elements, Tierra Cast pewter and the chain.

My friend and I decided months ago, we would do this project together to celebrate us and the beginning of Spring.  One of those projects to look forward to.  A project to aim towards.   A project of HOPE.   On Tuesday, we went to pick up our kits.  Friday, we layed things out and figured out the universe (well not really, the bracelet only).  We worked on it for three hours.

Last night, I worked on it for four hours.  Yes, each bead or charm has to have a pin put through it, wrapped around and a loop formed.  Then a jump ring is put through.  Then attached to the charm bracelet that you make to your measurements.

For mine, I am ordering three new silver charms.  I am putting the Grands names on each charm and adding it to the bracelet.

I LOVE that it is HAPPY and cheerful and joyful and jolly.

I LOVE that we made matching bracelets to remind us of friendship.

I LOVE that I am making mine into a CELEBRATION of Grandbabes!

I LOVE the weight and sound of the bracelet.

I LOVE the JOYFUL colors.  I have a stunning charm bracelet already.  However, it is 99% silver.  So this is very different and silly and a jumble of colors.

I LOVE all the variety of charms and goodies.

I LOVE that my friend helped me and encouraged me to make it.

I LOVE that the package says “Beginner/Intermediate”.  Somewhere in the midst of  deciding to make it, going to pick up the kit, spending the money…and 7 plus hours of fashioning it into something that resembled a bracelet………….I became an “Intermediate”.

I LOVE deciding what I am going to wear it with first.

I LOVE that I am going to wear it when I get to hug my Grandgirlies.

I LOVE that it is HAPPY and fun and oh so charming.

Happy Spring Dreams to all!

grateful for passion

One of the lovely things about wellness …… friends are more than willing to help.  By making & sharing beautiful hand-made cards and sending them with beautiful pearlized envelopes, my friend is reaching out and sharing her art and passion.  It spills over to the one, me,  who is seeking wellness.  The passion creeps through the pixels of the breathtaking photographs.  The passion spills off the creative card made with skill and delight.  The creator of the cards was obviously happy and passionate about making the cards to begin with.  Then when I received them, I was giddy with pure goodness.  The next step comes when I chose one to mail to another friend.  I am happy to pass one on and at the other end of the postal experience, someone is happy to open the envelope and discover a little piece of art.  Their very own sliver of art to hold on to and cherish.  It is a rather lovely circle of wellness hidden in the form of sharing and creating and good.  Somehow passion heals many.

Claude Roy 2A gem of a friend, gave me homework.  She knows I study an hour a day.  Most likely, the topic of health and wellness and nutrition and healing and balance and natural methods are highlighted.  To help keep my balance, I am gently reminded to look outside of my circle and tap into beauty.  Pure created beauty through the eyes of a remarkable artist living among us today.  We all can be lifted to a higher place, simply by immersing ourselves in color and passion.  No matter the web site you seek out to learn more about this artist, you feel the passion, the skill, the creativity deeply imbedded in his oils.  Somehow his palette knife twists and turns and swirls to bring to life, depictions of everyday life.  Yet, in those pieces of everyday life, you have a funny feeling you are in the middle of pure genius.

Claude RoyYour heart and soul will be elevated (as mine was)  just by spending your lunch hour, learning about and falling deep into the depths of his color choices.

Jean-Claude Roy, born in France and now divides his time between France and Newfoundland.

He paints almost exclusively on site.  He paints every single day.  Jean-Claude Roy is a self-described expressionist colourist.   How he works is unique and then maybe not so unique.  I think many of us, think through a quilt or a drawing or put together a floral arrangement, long before we begin.  Then once we begin, it is a matter of putting the right things in the right place.  We already visualize the end result.  We have already experienced what we wish the finished masterpiece to look like.

He paints every day, and often finds himself in the evening re-living a drive through the countryside, choosing a spot for the next day.  By the time he arrives to do the painting, he says, most of the work of composition and colour has already been done and there remains the relatively quick job of putting the paint on canvas.Claude Roy 3

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.  Friedrich Nietzche