50 minutes of busy

Over and over and over, we have all heard it.  I am too busy to stitch or paint.  I am too busy to sew.  (Besides, it is cheaper to buy something.)   I am too busy to cook an amazing dinner for my family.  I am too busy to make an appetizer tray.  I am too busy to study and research.  

I work. Somehow meaning the rest of us don’t work?  Somehow by stating that one is “busy” trumps being creative and thoughtful? By exclaiming to the world, “I am busy” somehow excludes them from taking care of their families with nutritious food and choices? By shouting over and over, “I am too busy” they are somehow exempt from making a gracious gift or creating a work of art?   I just don’t have the time.  There are not enough hours in the day. 

In a weird twist of life (like one of those cool bright yellow playground slides……….that you KNOW you want to go down), saying the phrase, I am busy has become an acceptable excuse.

Shocking update: we all have full lives.  Yes, we all have families, friends, chores and jobs. We all have good days and stormy days.

If we expect our souls to dance, we must make time for that to happen.

I have a friend who is a school teacher.  The month prior to school beginning in the fall, she prepares her quilting project. She sets up the frame and has her latest amazing project ready to quilt.  She threads 24-36 needles.  She has music set up and ready to go.  She has her scissors sharpened.  She has her thimble nearby.  The scene is set.

Once home from a day of teaching, she washes her hands, pours a beverage, she sets dinner to cooking, she slips off her shoes, and she walks over to her quilting area and quilts for 30 minutes.  30 minutes of beautiful music and creating.  She does not waste any time preparing her project or threading a needle or looking for her scissors.  She just quilts.  It may not seem like much, but 30 minutes every day……….even though she is an English teacher, I am sure she can do the math. 2.5 hours a week X 4 weeks translates into 10 hours a month.  Yes, she has two children & a grand.  Yes, she cooks dinner for her and her family.  Yes, she volunteers & works full-time.

I have learned from some of the best examples.

Every single night, after supper, Mr. Right makes our juice .  From gathering the vegetables and fruits, to washing, juicing & then clean up………..it takes about 50 minutes.  Do I help?  No.  I am not invited into the kitchen.

20150615_210402I sit at the end of the kitchen, with my stitching light, my needle and thread.  I stitch 50 20150610_214248minutes a day.  Oh sure, sometimes, I find a moment in the day to put my feet up and sit in the warmth of the sunshine and stitch a bit.  Yes, some evenings, I get comfortable on the sofa and listen to a television show and stitch for an hour or two.  Sometimes, I quilt, other times I cross stitch, embroider or knit.

Most days, 50 minutes stitching a day, 350 minutes weekly, translates into  5.83 hours a week creating something of beauty.  Something that lifts my spirits and fills me with gratitude and happy.  I look back on the week and can see progress. I can see something tangible.  I can see time well spent.

My grandma (who by the way was an expert with her crocheting abilities produced hundreds of tablecloths, afghans, sweaters and scarfs, etc.), use to say, “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”. This from the woman who had 5 kids, made bread 3 times a week, cooked three meals a day, grew a garden, canned everything, did all the laundry (no dryer, hung everything out to dry) and by the way, did I mention she was a widow who worked 5 days a week in the cannery?

20150617_073802-1With all of that said, here’s to BUSY folks everywhere!  So busy, they find time to create and nourish their souls.  So busy, yet such smarty pants, they KNOW the value of feeding their creative spirits.

Here is my counted cross stitch update.  Since my friend and I are stitching this project at the same time, the day and date are included in the pictures we share daily.

Today, I will put the final stitch of our initials on the piece.  I will be grateful, yet at the same time, planning and preparing the next project to work on.20150617_075220-1

How is your spirit?  How do you carve out time & nurture your soul?