pearls of wisdom

Late last year, after an event, I came home and promptly broke my favorite string of pearls.  It broke right near the clasp.  I have looked at that broken string since the end of November last year.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn to re-string pearls.  If you didn’t know, to have a pearl necklace restrung, the cost begins around $75.00 and goes up from there.

I went to Ship Wreck Beads (the most amazing bead store in the universe) and asked oodles of questions, bought a tool, some silk thread and a How-to book.

I needed/wanted to wear that particular string of beauties on Saturday morning.  They have a lovely weight to them and they are stunning.

Three you-tube videos later, one book, oodles of suggestions and 45 minutes of me trying to work the new tool WITHOUT taking off the safety tip (duh)………

Finally, I put on some beautiful piano music.  It calmed me down and helped my brain work on figuring this out.  It honestly helped.  Usually, if I remember to put on soothing music, it helps me figure out beautiful puzzles such as this and create with my hands.

I can’t really believe I can type this.

I did it.

Yes, I can now say, I know how to knot between each and put together a string of pearls with clasp.

I wore the pearls Saturday morning to a memorial.  I went home to change.  I was still wearing the pearl necklace when I went to the Feed Store.  Next stop Vegetable stand and then onto the Hardware store.

I do love the feeling of pearls next to my skin.  I still had them on and for the 4th time in one day, change my clothes, yet again,  to go out to dinner.

Still wearing the pearls.

I sort of wondered about wearing a pearl necklace to the Hardware store, then I remembered what Mrs. Kennedy said.  “Pearls are always appropriate.” 

pearls 2






In this together, friends,

Chat soon

ps.  Why yes, I typed this while wearing my pearl necklace.




Merry Christmas

pinecone-ornamentThe night is crisp.  All the twinkle lights look magical. The sweet strings of music have been the backdrop throughout the day & there are bits of wrapping paper here & there and I just noticed a piece of tape stuck to my sock.

Taking a moment to send abundant wishes your way for a very Merry Christmas.  pinecone-arrangement

Thank you for your gift of following this blog, leaving kind comments and offering up buckets of encouragement.  You are valued and appreciated.

May you all be surrounded by your family, loved ones and animals.

…and to all a good night.

Grace & Peace,

Daleen & Mr. Right




what’cha reading?

While growing up, we had this tall playhouse tower in the backyard.  Once you climbed the ladder, you ducked your head and then could stand up.  Just being inside the tower the outdoor noise was dulled.  It was cooler than in the bright sunlight.  It was also calm.  Sometimes, my sisters and I would take our lunch up there.  Other times, we would take books or Sixteen magazine and lay on blankets and do nothing but read.

My 56-year-old cousin, had a tree house built-in their back yard.  Yes, a real grown up tree house!  Shelves for books, a trunk to tuck blankets and pillows in.  Windows.  Twinkle lights, of course there are twinkle lights.  Sometimes, summer weather allows for them to sleep outdoors in the tree house.  It was a dream of hers, always.  To have a tree house.  You climb up the stairs and once inside, the outdoor world is muffled.  You take a huge cleansing breath and feel the calm and peace. There are ridiculously cool pieces of art hung here and there.  Their initials are carved into a piece of the wood.  Being there makes you want a tree house.  She says she needs the tree house to regroup now and then.

Moving is a wild ride.  All sorts of thoughts and ideas are swirling in your brain.  You feel guilty if you are not working on a project.  We are desperately trying to make it feel like “home”.   So many things to do and work on.  It is all tumbling around you.  You just need a moment to breathe or regroup.

puyallup-library_sizedThis past weekend we made time to go to our new library.  As we walked up to the front door, the clock tower was chiming, the Farmer’s Market was in full swing, the playground equipment was crawling with short people squealing and giggling, I heard a siren nearby.  Mr. Right held open the door, as I carried an empty library book bag, I thanked him and walked in.  We were greeted with Calm,  Quiet,  Peace,  Cool,  Excellent lighting, That perfect smell of books, Friendly faces.

First order of business; brand new library cards.  Sort of like a golden ticket.  FREE books and lectures and magazines galore….just by holding one of those magical and powerful tickets.20160416_143846

Two glorious stories of shelves after shelves of the unexplored.  Beautiful architecture thoughtfully designed to hold enormous amounts of books.

There is a beautiful bridge on the second floor. Yes, a real bridge.  You can see down to the children’s area on the first floor.   It feels like you are walking into an area of calm and peace.  There is a fireplace nearby where the periodicals are kept.  Feels sort of like ….a tree house.

As we wandered,  pieces of art caught our eye. Stunning, take your breath away beauties. Library lighting and amazing windows.  Desk and tables here and there.  Lots of thoughtful places to sit, cozy up, and read.

Somehow they have blended state of the art technology with the old familiar feel of wooden tables and low table lamps.

Feels like the perfect tree house.  The perfect place to center yourself and regroup.

As my boyfriend carried my overflowing book bag out the door, I heard the clock tower chime again.

An hour had slipped by. We walked out into the world again after being bathed in the peace and calm and wonder only a library can offer.  We stood taller.  We somehow felt ready to hear all the sights and sounds of the town.  We had re-grouped and our spirits were buoyed once more.


Extremely Grateful for such a beautiful library in our new town, we headed home to find the perfect spot in our own library to stack our books of the week.20160416_175348 (1)

In this together, I would love to hear/share what books are on your night stand.




all is calm

All is calm. Okay, you know that is a fib.  There are still presents to wrap and a few more meals to plan for and prepare. A few more trips in the car.

Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?  Do you create a retreat of calm and serenity?

I try. 20151223_132135-1_resized_1

I am not talking a full blown Ralph Lauren, over the top display.

Maybe just a small slender tree with just some white twinkle lights.

Some years, I add fresh greens in galvanized buckets once a week.  Nothing more Christmas like than the aroma of fresh cut greens.

I try and add a simple holiday touch each year.

I do my very best to keep all clutter, wrapping paper, tags, gifts in bags out of the master bedroom.

You KNOW the guest room turns into Mrs. Claus workshop and there aint nothin’ calm about that!

May I gently suggest, you “borrow” a sprig of holly or a left over set of white lights and go right now into your bedroom.  Set the timer for 15 minutes if you have to.  Do a quick dusting, vacuum and make the bed.  Add a bucket of fresh greens, a bouquet a nice table topper or even a lovely holiday quilt you may have tucked away.

You, your spirit, your soul deserve a little oasis of peace.

Create a place where you can take off your shoes and steal away for a few minutes to breathe and center yourself.  If just while your potatoes bake for dinner.

all is calm











color your stress away

You know those lazy summer days?  Not so hot, you need to cool off in the pool or lake.  Not so sunny, you feel pulled to be outdoors drinking in the rays.

Just a lazy day.  Mr. Right was watching some golf on television, the dog was snoozing.  I didn’t feel up to sewing or working my brain.  All of the weekend chores were checked off the “to do” list.

Just so happened, Mr. Right bought me an amazing 20150727_113313-1 (2)coloring book.  Yes, you read that correctly.  An amazing coloring book. (for grown up girls and boys)   It is called “Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford.

You can find it on for a touch over $10.00.

There are also a couple other versions of the book “Secret Garden and Lost Ocean”.

Maybe you are attempting to ease into Monday?  Nice and calm, with a hot beverage and 10 minutes to yourself?

Think of your sweet niece you can’t figure out what to get  for her birthday? Think of your friend, spending countless hours waiting in the waiting room.  Think of the friend who needs to spend some time centering herself & unwinding.  Or maybe a teenager who needs to learn to calm down, turn off the videos,set aside the phone and just “be” for 15 minutes during the day.


Three rather large companies in Austraila are buying and giving books to their employees.  ANZ Bank, Westfarmers & health insurance provider Bupa  are providing color books to help staff handle stress of the modern work place.

The simple act of coloring can change brain behavior and help people achieve calm and balance.

Think of yourself.  Oh, you can still listen to what is on going in your family.  It is just that in the midst of kaos or calm, you can create something wonderful.  You choose the colors and the page you work on.  By coloring you can choose balance.

Want to relieve a little bit of built up stress?  Ever thought of getting out the crayons or colored pencils.  Or actually using those fancy markers your friend gave you?

Right before your very eyes, a black and white page “magically” turns into something of pure beauty.  No two pages are alike.  Free to do what you want in whatever lovely color you want.

Does color heal?   I know in my own life, my own study, color heals.  It doesn’t matter if it is glorious saturated color of fabric I work with while creating a quilt or stunning colors of vegetables and fruits within my daily juice.  Picking up a marker and applying it to the page does wonder for one’s spirit.  My spirit is lifted.  Heck, I am smiling just looking at my color drenched dragonfly.

I did that.  Oh, yes, I did.  Not hours and hours of hand work.  Maybe an hour.

20150727_111534Pretty fancy.

What a wonderful book to give or receive.

May your day be Graced with calm, colorful, balanced beauty.