1,000 eggs

It was a dark and stormy night……………..

No, wrong guess.

Picture this:  It was a beautiful, blue sky, warm, sunny June afternoon, 2013.

I was extremely sick.  It wasn’t pretty.  It took effort just to get dressed and put lipstick on. Not the “movie star” kind of sick.  The real life, not good kind of illness.

My wise friend was stopping by to visit and bring something. I was thinking a nice, pretty card or a cheerful bouquet of flowers.

No, wrong guess.

Out the kitchen window, I saw a huge truck pulling a horse trailer pull through our circular drive way.  Along with her, were 4 teenagers.

Next they unloaded a brand new chicken coop, 3 chickens, bedding, organic feed, treats, water & food containers.  They caried it and set it all up in the backyard.

In the same whirlwind that they arrived, they left just as quickly.  They were headed out to pick up a load of hay for their horses.

That left me and our Golden Retriever, peeking into their coop, looking at 3 very young chickens.  Alone.

How the heck is this going to work?  (She had made a side deal with Mr. Right, if it didn’t work out, she would graciously take them back to her ranch.)

Remember earlier, I called her my wise friend?

Somehow, she knew I would have to turn on the computer and read.  She guessed I would have to get dressed and have Mr. Right drive me to a book store, to buy a couple of books.  In her smarty, awesomesauce, cowgirl way, she knew, I would have to get up off the sofa a couple of times a day to feed, water, fluff straw, check on my new animals.

My wise, amazing girlfriend had a feeling, that I would need to clean the coop.  Carry water, lift bedding, fill the food container.  In the beginning,  I was not able to lift a 25 pound bag of bedding, so I took small buckets.

My wise, amazing, thoughtful, beautiful friend, Kristy, knew that I needed organic eggs to eat.  She knew that I needed to be around “farm dirt” and straw and outdoor good germs to build my immune system.  In her wisdom, she knew I needed to feel grateful and thankful every single day.

Surprise, surprise, Mr. Right, only helped when he absolutely needed to.

I took care of them myself.  I never skipped a day.  Some times, it took me a half hour just to change the bedding and straw and give them fresh water.

One day, my little grand girlie was helping me and she said, “egg”.  WHAT!  I couldn’t actually believe that we had gotten an egg!  I had to take a picture.

Then somehow, a week went by and another.  People asked me how many eggs I had collected.  I kept track on the calendar.  I started taking pictures to share.  I didn’t want the eggs to roll off the counter during the photo shoot, so…….. one thing led to another and ……..well.

I started setting the eggs in things.  A basket, a dish, a creamer shaped like a frog, I put them in a fruit basket, and a bowl that had coffee beans.  I used anything I could find. I even made a calendar showcasing 12 pictures.

Here’s the update:

I still have one of the original chickens.  Since then, a couple more chickens have joined the party.  I currently have four chickens.  Yes, I still keep track of how many eggs I collect.  (It’s the best part, sort of like an Easter Egg hunt everyday!)  I am healthy enough to lift the bag of bedding.  I can move the coop.  I can walk to the neighbor’s to share my bounty.  We donate 20 chicks a month, so others can flourish, just like me.

Today, Friday, November 18, 2016, I am celebrating my 1,000 egg!  20161118_123658-1_resized_2

I am grateful.

I am healing.

Thanks in a huge part to my friend.  She was the only friend who believed I could/would do it.  She knew that I would get out of bed, put on my boots and tend to other creatures that needed my help.  I felt needed.



Those dang chickens need me in the beautiful, blue, sunny skies as well as the blustery, wild wind, cold, pouring rain, boot wearing, dark stormy days.

Oh, I get it!

My friend.  She was there for me in the dark, stormy days…and yes, today, on a clear, beautiful day, she is in my corner, celebrating 1,000 eggs.

Boy Howdy, I am one grateful chick!

Who knew chickens could help me heal?

She did. 





be nice to the new girl

In a twisted, random turn of events, as of today, we have one more chicken.

Here in the Pacific Northwest a huge storm is a brewin, working up a pretty good fuss and everything and every living creature is unsettled. Things seem topsy-turvy.  Wackadoodle.  Strange.

Late last night, I received a text message from our daughter in law in Alabama.  Would I adopt a chicken from a friend?

Tell me more.

Years ago, Gabi, our daughter in law, worked with a gal & they have kept in touch via social media.   Her friend’s sister had a chicken come to visit in their backyard.  They questioned all the neighbors.  No.  No one had lost a chicken or knew where it came from.  They did not want to become chickenistas.  They have been searching for a “farm” to take it to.

Enter social media.

They needed someone to adopt this chicken.  Our Gabi saw the picture and asked me if I would consider it. 20161014_104318_resized

Sure, okay.  I will do it.

note:  All those times you have heard…. the animal went to a nice farm to live with other animals……….Today, I became that “nice, green pasture (read that as lawn) farm”.  I promised to continue to share pictures with the four-year old girl who was happy to hear I live on a “farm”.

Earlier today, the new chicken arrived in a cardboard box.  As we all were, she too was soggy.  With the rain coming down and the wind gusting……….here you go.   No time for a welcome party, this is just a quick howdy do.

Martha, Ginger and Dolly……meet the new girl, her name is Coco.  BE NICE!


Name, What to Name her?  Stormy?

Daughter in law, Gabrielle suggested that I go more Glam with the chicken names.

Like Gianni Versace, Vera Wang, Gloria Vanderbilt or Coco Chanel.

That’s it!

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel  better known as Coco Chanel.  So in honor of Daughter in law (Gabrielle) and her glam suggestion……………

Welcome to the flock, Coco Chanel. 20161014_103952-1_resized

Geesh, why the need to “claim” their pecking order all over again?  Interesting, the most quiet, calm, nice girl, Martha has become the NASTY, BOSSY, MEAN girl.  Jeepers.

It is rough on them and me. All our feathers are ruffled.

No, there is nothing I can do.  Extra distractions, keeping her separate is not an option right now as the storm bellows through.  I just have to trust nature to do what is right.  Everyone has shelter, fresh food, water, treats and a big lovely cabbage.

Hold on and be nice. In this together, friends. 20161014_103955-1_resized



girls vs boy


Big News!!!!!!

It’s a girl!

It’s a girl!

While Mr. Right teases me and makes jokes about buzzards chickens, he was the one who drove, had the box ready, paid and arranged the meeting.

Welcome to the Wilson’s!  I have two new chickens!!!!

I am one of those people who name their livestock.  Okay, Monday morning,  4th of July………….let’s see…….. names, you two beauties need names.

20160704_162224I’d like to introduce you to Martha and Dolly.  That’s Martha Washington and Dolly Madison.

Martha is a Blue Andalusian.  When the sun catches it just right, her feathers are so black they shimmer blue.  Dolly is an Americauna just like our Ginger.

While they are only a few months old they both are laying eggs already.  Which is rather lovely.  I collected and am grateful for egg number 832.

While I was fussing and fluffing the coop yesterday, they were being quite shy.  So I decided to tell them a little about me. I first said I was nice and would bring them goodies almost every day. I always say thank you, aloud when I collect eggs.   I said while I am wearing ugly black boots today, I wear fancy toe nail polish and when I wear flip-flops they will be magically drawn to me.  ha

I offered up a bowl with plain yogurt garnished with meal worms and fresh picked20160707_094536-1 blueberries and spinach.  yum.  (yes, they need the good bacteria 20160707_094710-1of yogurt as the 3 adjust to each other) They all dug right in, so apparently my culinary skills are appreciated.

How are they adjusting you ask?  The first night around midnight, I went out with a flashlight to check on the slumber party.  Everyone was sleeping next to each other.  Guess they got to know each other, did each other’s hair and enjoyed the movie and popcorn.

How am I adjusting?

5 girls (me, one girl dog, 3 girl chickens) VS one boy, Mr. Right.

Odds are good in the Wilson house.






healing soup

As I type this, our home smells like Thanksgiving.  You know that aroma?  Warm, sage, onion, celery, poultry,herbs melding, simmering all together?  The kitchen window has a bit of condensation on it.  You know, just like Thanksgiving day?

Last summer, I bought an organic chicken (read that as no bad mojo or chemicals) and made some amazing healing chicken noodle soup for a friend’s son who was just out of surgery.  When his Mom thanked me, she said, it reminded them of and tasted like Thanksgiving.

I took that as a compliment.  Layers of flavors and herbs, all warm and good for you.

A different friend is about to have surgery, so here we go again.  This vegetarian girl, was on a mission to buy a chicken.

While you know this home as a place where we don’t eat meat, you just can’t refute the science/love/magic healing powers of a flavorful chicken noodle soup.

Millions of Jewish Bubbies or Zaydes can’t be wrong.  Millions of Greek Yaya’s can’t be mistaken.  Mormon nana’s, Christian Science Grandmothers are smarty pants, there is just no way, a bazillion Methodist Grandma’s could be off the mark on this topic.

Soup heals.

Homemade soup made with love and magic (and the marrow from the bones) and fresh picked herbs somehow all twisted together, heals the heart, body, soul and spirit.

In case you haven’t roasted a chicken lately……….don’t forget, it is pretty easy, peasy.

20150513_134418-1Buy an organic chicken.  I am sure your family, friends & you are worth the extra cost.  Clean & put into a roasting pan. Stuff with cut up onions, lemons and all the fresh herbs you can pack in there.  I adore fresh sage.  Okay, Himalayan salt & fresh pepper, lots of pepper.  Use butter or oil whatever you prefer.  Slip some herbs under that skin.  Be generous.  Tie the whole enchilada (not a real enchilada, the chicken silly)  up with some kitchen twine.  Preheat your oven to 450* then slide that beauty into the heat.  Cook for 15 minutes.  Then turn your heat down to 350* and continue roasting for 20 minutes per pound, plus 15 minutes.  Use a meat thermometer to make sure it is done. 20150513_174057 (1) Let rest 15 minutes prior to cutting.

Last night we had Hippie Bowls with oodles of roasted veggies, kale, brown rice20150513_180247 and avocados, pepper, balsamic vinegar and a small amount of fresh roast chicken.  Really turned out lovely.

Baked Chimichangas, normally vegan, tonight a few pieces of shredded chicken in each. When you only buy chicken once or twice a year, you really plan the meals.  You make sure you are intentionally using every part you can.  Even the dog got in on the action. The fresh chicken heart and this morning some roasted chicken for her breakfast.

After supper, I cleaned off all the meat.  Shredded and put both the carcass and meat into the refrigerator.

Today, into a huge stock pot, I added lots of filtered water, more herbs, the ends of two celery bunches, all the roasted herbs, lemon wedges and onions and the carcass.  More fresh sage and some salt and pepper.

BTW, if you don’t add lemons to your roasting chicken, add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the stock pot.  The acid draws out the nutrients from the bones.

stockI know some of you are going to say, I can’t make stock.  I work. I am away from home all day long.  sad face. I have a solution.  Toss it all into your crock pot, fill with filtered water and turn it on.  Let it do its magic all day long, while you are out of the house.

You come home to that “Thanksgiving” smell and I guarantee you will want some chicken noodle soup.

In this together friends!  Here’s to healing and wellness.

May all our homes smell and feel like Thanksgiving.

Grateful, spirit lifting with a little magic tossed in.

weekly round-up

Good Friday morning campers!

Weekly round-up. 
Shaking my head to the side, like a swimming getting water out of their ear.  Letting go of all sorts of things, swirling in my noggin.

gingerbreadhouse (1)Yesterday, while I was eating my medicine, I was looking at amazing gingerbread houses.
 Ideas for next year?  possibly.
While I always lean towards gathering all kinds of candy and gumdrops……………maybe I should think…………..
hey, why don’t we use granola for the stone work?  Jeepers, this is an amazing house.
Last night, we heard coyotes singing their song.  Double checked the chicken coop door and left more lights on.
This is day five of my intense magnesium study.  Blowing my mind.  Learning so much in such a short amount of time.
I am spending 2-3 hours of study a day.  I noticed all my brain power is going in that direction………not so many blog posts.
In addition to my biking and rebounding………fitting in more afternoon walks.  smiling.
Yesterday, while on our walk, I found a leaf.  A friend called it an angel wing.  I took a picture. 20150212_163655
This week I collected 2 eggs.  After several weeks of “rest” & regrouping, fingers crossed we are back in the egg business.
While waiting for some magnesium chloride to soak in this morning, I circled back and looked at some previous notes of health and wellness.
Yes folks, fluoride is still poisonous to the human body.  Over time, it still causes cancer.  As nice as many old dentists are, no, it does not cure dental issues. Yes, some towns in America are still putting it in their water supply.  sigh.   How to fix in your own world?  Use toothpaste with no fluoride.  Just say , no thank you to the fluoride service when visiting a dental office.  Install a high quality water filtration system in your home.  duh
moving on.
Yesterday, I learned to exchange the words “mad, angry, frustrated” with the word responsibility.  Instead of being all those things at
medical personal that didn’t help me or share with me or teach me………..I have changed that into …………..it is my responsibility to learn to find health for me.
Such a relief off my shoulders.   It’s called giving myself some Grace & Mercy.  It feels lighter not to blame everyone else anymore.
This week, the study time has gotten a bit intense.  Yes, while learning so much, my brain feels “tight”.  haha
I am putting down the book & note taking after one hour today. Yes, I am setting the kitchen timer.
I am headed to the sewing room to work on my BEE HAPPY quilt.
I am craving/needing a little creative fun.
Tonight, son #1 and daughter in law are going to their first Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball.  So tickled for them.  I hope they have the time of their lives.
The fabric for the gown and costume look wonderful.  Their masks amazing,  fingers cross for pictures!
Yesterday, a friend’s son broke his leg in three places.  Jimminie Cricket!  Sending good healing karma his way.  Also, gathering several jig saw puzzles and mailing them to him.
Grand #3 explored the world without his mom during the day.  He survived, he thrived, the parents are emotionally exhausted and deserve the weekend ahead of them.  Growth is tough.
A friend is anxiously awaiting her second grand.  She found out names and is swirling them in her brain.
She also has decided to share three or four photographs a week on face book.  Putting yourself out there is brave.  Life is good.
Niece spent part of the week buried under piles of snow……….only to come out and look defeat in the face, inside the courtroom.  Back to the drawing board. Regrouping is always tough.
A friend walked through an extremely tough week of less than stellar health.  Sending gobs and gobs of good karma her way.
So, earlier this morning, still , damp, chilly and a bit eerie with the fog swirling around me………..I stepped outside.  Turned off the light that illuminates our flag, I brought in the garbage can………….then gingerly go look for the chickens, I am listening for their chatter…………… Yippee!  They were fine.
I took a deep cleansing breath………...choked and laughed out loud.
All the hours I spend on learning, researching, exercise, drinking juice, trying to live a healthy life………
Not one but two men, neighbors on either side of our home, were standing outside smoking.  Apparently, they are not allowed to smoke in their own homes, so they are outside, puffing away.    Seriously?
No, I did not offer them a copy of all my notes on disease and how to live a healthy life.
I just filled the feeder with peanuts for the Stellers Jays.
To celebrate living through the night, I gave the chickens some meal worms.
I turned and walked back into the house.
Filled Liberty’s water dish with fresh filtered water.
I cut up a whole bunch of raw bok choy to enjoy with my breakfast. 20150210_081543
I lift up my morning juice and celebrate all our differences.
BFC C1975 Boxing ring centered in Coliseum. Circa 1930Sort of feels like I was a boxer, fighting all week.
AH, the weekend is upon us………….we bounce over to our corners to regroup.
People are funny.
Life is good.
I am grateful.

suet, suet

Tis the season.  My chickens, like all chickens are molting.  That means, no eggs.  Well, I get one now and then from Ginger, none from Lovey.  They are using all their protein to produce more feathers to help keep them warm in the winter months.  I know, I would be doing the same thing.  Yipes.

I am learning and researching and one of the things that will help them is to increase their protein intake.  So last night I made a delicious treat.  For the chickens (and birds) not people.

20141204_205331I purchased a block of suet.  It cost $1.79 Who knew, you could still buy this?  Anyway, I melted it down, then I added raw peanuts, raw sunflower seeds, seaweed and some sunflower seeds in the shell.  I poured into a pan.  Then set in the freezer to harden.

This morning, I scooped out balls of the,soon to be tree decorations and treats of goodness.

I put suet balls into those net bags you save?  Easy to tie onto the outdoor Christmas tree!  I also hung one (with a bit wider weave) of thesuet balls delicious suet balls inside the chicken coop.

Now, today is not freezing in my neck of the woods.  However, on those brisk winter, extremely chilly mornings….. taking a couple treats out of the freezer to offer up to my outdoor friends will make them very happy and I in turn will be happy.

Tis the season to give!

It’s all about the happy!

Who knew suet would make this vegetarian girl so dang happy?


Happy Friday, y’all.

you can’t eat an egg through the computer

Last night four people were laughing and giggling and smiling for about 20 minutes.  Two “older” people were huddled around the computer screen, laughing wildly at the two best grandgirlies in the world.  Mr. Right and I were Skyping with two people in Alabama.  I know this because the older girl, who is three told me she lives in Alabama.  Only, I noticed a very slight sweet, southern drawl.  Good gravy she and her sister have only lived their four months.

skypeGod Bless the person ( I hope it was a grandparent) who invented Skype.  Yes, I know it has a few bumps and hiccups.  However, from this grandparent point of view, one of the best inventions since “calm down curly wild hair gel in a bottle”.

Some of the time during our chat, the sofa on the Alabama end was empty.  It just made us laugh harder.  Their very patient mom, asked them to please get back on the sofa so the grandparents could see them.

Right before we were scheduled to visit, our dog wanted to be let out.  So, I let her out, but left the screen door open.  I didn’t want to have to get up and leave our conversation to let the dog in and make a loud screeching noise with the sliding screen door.  At some point, the dog came in and settled herself just fine.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed movement.  HOLY TOLEDO, the door was still open so one of our chickens took that as an invitation!!  I jumped up and screamed and flapped my arms and shouted and yelled get out.   Then the girls in Alabama started screaming and laughing and giggling.  It all sort of got crazy after that.

We tried to calm down and be somewhat normal.  We asked questions and listened to both girls answering at once.  We got to see how long and curly and beautiful someone’s hair has grown in the last few months.  Said girl was wearing a Tupperware bowl on her head as a hat, some of the time, so the hair do was rather “joyful”.   We got to hear stories and dreams.  It was all tangled up and lovely.

Then I held up two eggs to show them what I discovered in the nest.  The oldest girl laughed and giggled and screamed, “YOU CAN’T EAT AN EGG THROUGH THE COMPUTER”.   Not a sentence I thought I would hear our three-year old grand giggle.

They were bubbly and full of energy and LOVED showing us their “Frozen” pajamas.  Each had a picture of the latest greatest princess on the front.  They explained the princesses names and that Aurora wore an “ambulance” around her neck.  Her mom, gently and clearly said, it is called an “amulet” that she wears.  Oh, yes, she has an “ambulance” around her neck.  Then the grandparents couldn’t stop laughing.

Technology at it’s very finest.  And we got to be right smack in the middle.  Pure Goodness!  Can’t wait for next time. TO  DA  LOU!

grandchildren quote



Feed Sack Tote Bag

The old-fashioned term………….. Waste not, want not.

The new modern term…….up cycle.

DSCN3623Today, after fluffing and puffing the chicken coop, adding a fresh hanging cabbage and some jaunty St. Patty’s Day decor, I made something useful.  I took the empty feed sack into my sewing room and made a Fresh new grocery bag with handles.   Each daughter in law will get a bag full of gifts for their birthday!  I made the bag today out of empty chicken feed sack.  They hold 25 pounds of feed, so I am guessing they will hold lots of birthday loot and then can be used for groceries.  If they go to the grocery store and say, buy a chicken and some eggs, using this bag will certainly be funny.  DSCN3643

The project was quick, easy and the finished product is pretty sassy.

I love sewing useful and sassy things.  This bag qualifies as both.  Yippy!DSCN3640

chicken manners

DSCN3390The most interesting thing happens when I wear Mr. Right’s big, rubber, black, work boots.  I feel somehow empowered.  With his boots and oversized work gloves on, I feel like I can lift, tote and move just about anything. Luckily I don’t have to do that much.  Adding a layer of straw to a chicken coop is not what you would call a lumberjack chore.  It is actually rather fun.  Breathing in the fresh air.  The snow is gently falling on my face.  I have a spirited morning conversation with the chickens while the dog does “dog angels” in the snow-covered lawn.

This morning the temperature was a bit nippy.  The snow was falling and it had been chilly throughout the night.  I went out early to give the chickens some greens and a snack of popcorn.  After saying good morning to them and they had quite a bit to say.  I had to bring the water inside to melt the ice and replenish with more.  So after I gave them fresh water, some food, a snack and had a little morning conversation, I checked to see if they had anything for me.

An egg.  One lovely, palest of pale green gift.

It is an interesting relationship.  They are farm animals.  I take care of their needs and they graciously give me eggs.  I am grateful and I tell them so.  I say thank you.

That simple act of being gracious to another living creature.  It actually does more for the person saying it than the person (or animal) hearing it.  I would love to share that chickens have really lovely manners and they are gracious and sweet.  They are not.  They step in front of me, they peck at my boots, they try and nab my bracelet, they leave “gifts” on my deck, they squawk when I am trying to talk, they walk away when I hang up a natural cookie I made just for them.

By saying thank you, it somehow lifts me to a higher level of being.  Living graciously by expressing your gratitude is heartwarming.  Yes, even saying thank you to chickens.  Having good manners is about me and how I behave, all of the time.  Even when no one is watching.grateful sign

Instant gratification at its simplest form.  I fluff and puff their coop.  I give them food and water and herbs.  I talk to them, they talk back.  I take the egg they have laid.

gratefulnessI say thank you.