special gifts

A few years ago, a friend said, “you should write a blog”.  I said okay and went and started a blog that day.

I did not read any directions.  I just jumped in.  Arms flailing about, laughing, rubbing hands together with glee.

I started writing.  I was/am grateful for a place to write my thoughts, thus allowing to turn off my brain & sleep through the night.

Fast forward to this, this is my 925 blog posting.

I got the brilliant idea that I should possibly take a class on “how to blog”.  Today was day 3.  I am trying, really I am. However, after a couple of hours (suppose to spend 15 minutes) of pulling my hair, cussing a few times, drinking way too much coffee………having a ridiculous purple background for 2 hours and actual tears…………………………

I have come to the realization that I have other gifts than computer guru.

I am grateful for many gifts.

I can write.

20150805_125836I can cook up a storm. As I type, I am baking an amazing vegetable pot pie for Mr. Right20150805_132549 for supper.  I grew the green beans and fragrant herbs, which I harvested today.

I can quilt.  I can cross stitch.  I can sew.

I can type (without looking at the keys, thanks to Mrs. Green) really dang fast.

I can set a beautiful table.

I can take care of my sweet dog.

I can make amazing sugar, dairy & gluten-free desserts.  I can make awesome Almond milk.

I can bike four miles a day.  I can swim like a mermaid.

I can iron shirts, almost as good as my sister-in-law.

20150805_132728I can research like nobody’s business.

I have it on good authority, that I can make a Strawberry Rhubarb pie that will make grown20150805_153645 men weep.

Yes, I have gifts.

Being able to figure out the secret, magical computer world is not one of my gifts.

We are all unique and blessed with special gifts.  We just need to figure out what they are.  M. Parsons.

I am grateful, mighty grateful for the gifts I do have.

Today, I refined my list.