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Hello, Wednesday.

Better known around these parts as Wednesday Works in Progress.

Do you ever jot down a list right before bed time?  Sort of lifts my spirits now and then.  I jot down a list of all the things I have done or working on during the day.  Do you ever put a couple of stars on the calendar just for you and a couple things you accomplished?  It’s very gratifying to see those stars.

Wednesdays are similar.  I jot down a list or try to remember to take pictures of my works in progress. I try and take a moment to be happy about what I am working on.

My health & wellness is a work in progress.  Ha, no, I am not going to start taking a Wednesday selfie.  That would be weird.

Let’s see………kitchen cabinet update.  Yippee!  Time for a half celebration!  The entire upper section is done! Each cupboard has fresh paint, new hardware, new stoppers. Inside two of the cupboards have chalkboard paint (so stinkin’ cute).  I am officially taking today off from painting.  Tomorrow, I will start the bottom half.

The quote I chose for the soffit:

they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.  acts 2:46

Counted cross stitch update.  I am in love with both pieces I am working on.  I love the sparkle thread in the bee’s crown.  I was not tickled with it while I was stitching.


We bought another half a flat of raspberries this past weekend.  I have only two boxes left.  The Rhubarb Raspberry Galette baked in cast iron, turned out wonderful.  The crust was a bit crisp, the Rhubarb tart and the Raspberries were sweet as could be.  A wonderful combination.


Friends are having twins.  I wanted to be prepared for the gender reveal this week.  So I crocheted FOUR sweet little hats.  I guessed girl, girl.  Mr. Right guessed boy, boy. Our niece guessed one of each.

I made four.  I gave the two blue hats to the parents to be.  I donated the two pink hats to charity.  We are celebrating their works in progress!


Hope you are having a productive and happy Wednesday.

I would love to hear about your works in progress.

Please share about your Wednesday, after all, we are…..

in this together.

Chat soon.








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grab/crab life

WIP (work in progress) Wednesday.

I started this counted cross stitch piece four days ago.  Working on the piece for about 1 and half hours each day, I decided to take a picture to show my progress.

This is a very happy, small stitch for me.   Here is the low down:  It is a Hands on Design, created by Cathy Habermann. ( This is the second piece I have stitched by this artist.)  I am stitching it on 32 count Lugana fabric, two over two threads and using the called for Gentle Arts thread.20170625_080909_resized

This is for my laundry room.  I know right?  HAPPY!

I have a beautiful poster that is framed.  From the moment I saw it, at our local fish market, Northern Fish…….I loved it so much, I wrote to the company to find out about their marketing poster!  How’s that for falling love??

I even matched wall color paint (to that poster)  that I will be painting that room, next.

Makes me almost giddy. Well, except for the fact that no matter how much “happy” I put into that room, I still have to fold laundry.  20170627_090936_resized

We framed a picture that our Grand Z painted when she was 2.  I ADORE this picture. 20170627_090950_resized

I finished painting the cabinets in the laundry room a couple of days ago.  I promise to share those on my next blog post.

Here’s to a Crabby, Happy Wednesday!

In this together, friends.

Love to see what you are creating.

chat soon.



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slight switch

I recently read about a sweet little girl.  Whenever she saw something, instead of pointing and saying “look”.  From the beginning, her parents taught her to say, “behold” and use her hand instead of pointing with one finger.  Adorable.

When our boys were young, we didn’t care for the word “sucks” so we changed the word to “hoovers” like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.  None the wiser, that is the word they used.  It wasn’t until they were older did they understand just how “creative” their parents were.  ha

I have a friend who didn’t care for her children using the word, “but”. So she replaced it with the word, “however”.  You can imagine, how that played out.  Now, as adults they still use the word “however”.  Adorable, silly, however, got the job done. 20161019_111108-1-2_resized

A year or so ago, visiting Victoria B.C.,  I was in a stitching shop and fell in love with a Sampler pattern. I loved the look, the colors and the shape, however, I did not care to stitch one of the words.20161019_134311-1_resized

While I mean absolutely no disrespect to Carl Von Clausewitz, whom is credited with this partial quote of his, I had to be creative & 20161019_111436-1_resizedchange it.  Otherwise, forever cringe each and every time I saw this piece.

WIP… work in progress, Wednesday report:  Day four of working on this new project, with a stitch here and there on 30 count Irish linen, I am sailing right along and smiling not cringing with each tiny stitch.

Love to hear about a project that you are working on, maybe made a slight change to.  Sort of an internet show n tell.  We can and will build each other up and cheer each other on.

Making time in my day to work on something so fine and calming is good for my soul.  Every stitch is good for my mental health. Somehow, the thread and rhythm of pulling the needle through, the counting…… counter acts the ugly and stress that we all feel and hear.


In this together, here’s to our good mental health.

Chat tomorrow.




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fairy dust for goodness

20150722_154203How much does the Tooth Fairy leave these days?

It has been several years since I knew the answer to that important question.  I sort of hope it is enough to buy a cup of frozen yogurt with blueberries on top.

In a weird twist called life, we happen to have a grand, old enough to consider such important topics.

Her birthday is coming next month.   I think she “needs” something this special.

I cross stitched the front. Today made the pillow. Using beads and ribbons and fabric that I already had in my sewing room,  all of the process makes me happy.

Oh, and I added a handful of dried lavender inside the pillow. Let’s call it Fairy Dust.  🙂20150722_151513-1

I sewed on some crystal beads using gold sparkly thread.

Many moons ago, son #2 lost a tooth while visiting relatives in Canada.  Guess what?  The Tooth Fairy found him and left Canadian money!  How about that?  He talked about that for many years to come.

For this grandgirlie’s special pillow, I made the pocket big enough for lots of loot.

One thing I did not do.  I DID NOT sew on a jingle bell.  I didn’t want to alarm the Tooth Fairy when she is on her secret mission.

Fingers crossed the Tooth Fairy will be delighted with such a fancy pillow and leave lots of goodness in exchange.

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Oh yes, I adore putting in that very final, last stitch on a project.  However, the thrill of a new pattern almost makes me giddy.  I adore lining up all the new threads.  Choosing the perfect linen.  This time, I have chosen 32 count, Belfast Linen, color Platinum.  I have decided on my latest counted cross stitch sampler.

I adore samplers.  I am not sure if it is the order of things or the simple and straightforward design.  I love the “hunt” of finding my next project.  I just took a moment and counted 14 samplers in my home right now.  20141107_084507

In some samplers, I have stitched the date I finished.  The last one I completed, I stitched the year I started.  I have been known to stitch one of my family’s birth date’s as the sampler date.  I was daydreaming about who might want one of these some day.  I was thinking if someone saw his or her birth date or year they would “know” it was meant for them.

20141125_105403You can see in the counted cross stitch project (with the red heart) the date June 14.  That is the birthday of one of our boys.

For some silly reason, when I saw the pattern of the next piece, I already decided that instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0  I was going to stitch 1,2,8,4,5,6…….It sort of tickled me to have a “secret” 84 in the line up.  One of our daughter in law’s was born in 1984.  She adores trees.  She is a kind girl.  I love the title, “Be Kind & Be True”.  This might be the one, that has “her name written all over it”. 2011-08-05 Be Kind & Be True framed

I love to have a project ready, edges finished.  I love to have a couple of needles threaded.  My basket is sitting right near my stitching lamp.  I like to pick up the linen some nights and stitch for 10 minutes.  Other nights 2 hours doesn’t seem long enough.

I find joy in the doing.  Yes, for some reason, I love the accomplished feeling I get from looking at projects that take 50, sometimes 80 hours.  Ten minutes here and there.  One hour on a Thursday afternoon.  One or two stitches then the phone rings.  Bit by bit, a master piece is created.

Stitching helps me.  Stitching is happy.  Stitching samplers helps me remember wellness and health are achieved bit by bit.  Day by day.

It’s all about the journey.

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soul birds

We all have people in our lives that we want to remember. Deep down, honestly, we all want to be remembered.  We want some amazing story or wonderful piece of stitchery to remind our loved ones of our lives.

Some people touched our lives deep to our souls.  When I listen to stories about people like that, I get a lump in my throat.   Somehow, the heartfelt passion that was shared, spills over onto me and I am moved to celebrate with them.

I came across this new cross stitch pattern,    The pattern comes with several bird choices and the alphabet in script.

I just knew it was something that I would use over and over.  It came in the mail two days ago.  I finished my first soul bird last night.

20140826_162543 To share the housekeeping portion of this project:  I used 30 count even-weave, I used two strands of hand dyed Sampler Thread in cranberry.  It took about 4 hours to complete.

I made my first soul bird for a friend to help her remember her Aunt Barbara.  Barbara was a seamstress and had a jaunty, cheerful yellow kitchen.  I tried to do my very best work in her honor. (seamstress to seamstress, I had to rip out a couple of stitches, go back and make them right, I have a feeling this will make you smile)

I will send the completed cross stitched piece onto Florida.  Then my friend will use a piece of fabric and some filling  to sew this little gem into a mini pillow/sachet.  I will include a couple of buttons and a charm or two.  I will include some fabric.  I will include some home-grown lavender.   However, if my friend has a button that reminds her of her aunt or some piece of fabric that just speaks to her….. then that is what she will use. 20140827_110913 (1)

I would love for this little mini pillow to get tucked somewhere.  One day, when stumbled upon, Aunt Barbara will be remembered with a huge smile and a full heart.

To be able to share in the memory of someone so dear is truly a privilege and honor.  20140827_110809

I wish I had known Aunt Barbara.

In a way, I did/do.  She was the Grace in the fabric of my friend’s life.  Aunt Barbara helped shape and fashion my friend into the kind spirited, talented, wonderful, loving person she is today.

So in a lovely, twirly way, I know a bit about Aunt Barbara.

Yes, we will remember you, always.

I am so lucky and deeply honored to be able to help celebrate her.

I feel bathed in Grace and Goodness, just to be able to share part of this amazing project.

Thank you Miss Florida for sharing your Aunt with me.

When this you see, Remember me. soul



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stitching my story

Yesterday while having a manicure, the lady said to me, “very short nails”.  I said, ” yes, I practice the piano and I stitch and I use my hands a lot.”  She just smiled sadly at me.  You see, in a nail salon, long, beautiful nails are the goal.  I just wanted mine to be healthy, clear and polished.

DSCN4056A sassy friend posted this verse yesterday.  It reminded me of what hangs in our hallway.   I got up to snap a couple of pictures.  If you look in the reflection, you can spy my white bathrobe.  haha

This counted cross stitch piece I did several years ago (wow) measures about 12 ” X 14″.  I stitched it on oatmeal colored linen. It has yellowed in just that amount of time.  I stitched over two threads as one.  This particular piece took somewhere around 90 hours to complete.

I really love the rhythm and rock of the needle with counted cross stitch.  It makes me happy.  I love to hear Jeopardy on in the background and stitch away, while Mr. Right shouts out the answers.

When our boys were younger and homework and writing was going on, I would sit and observe quietly, while they worked away.   I have stitched at playgrounds while they played and all sorts of sports venues while we waited for the game to begin.  I have stitched in airports and airplanes looooong before you were seen as evil if you dared to bring a two-inch pair of scissors with a blunt end and a needle on a plane of innocent people.

This particular sampler, I remember sitting in a chair, then a straight back chair, then a box, then the floor……..all in one day.  The packers were boxing up our household goods for a military move.  I had to be there, but could not help (insurance forbids folks from helping).  So I stitched and stitched some more.DSCN4058

Almost every time a new President is Inaugurated, I am in front of the television, watching the pomp and circumstance, all day long and yes, stitching.  You know I am serious, when I get up early, do my chores, put on something for supper to simmer all day and then nestle in to stitch.

Some people are lucky enough to have one piece or one sampler.   I have taught cross stitching, I have made several for gifts.  In the last 15 years or so, I have been keeping a few for myself.

I am fascinated with the sampler.  In the days gone by, no paper to be had.  So a person would stitch a sampler (practicing the alphabet and numbers), stitch their name, the date, animals, people etc… and then pass this piece around as the “pattern”.  People would copy it, insert their name and date and pass it on.

Many times, in the late 17th and early 18th century, the letter J would be left out.  The idea was that you could practice the letter I and then the loop of the J would be practiced with other letters. I have one sampler that I have done this.

Sometimes, I would finish a piece on say, March 28th.  However, I have stitched one of my kids, nieces’, God children and now Grand babes  birthday into the piece.  I just thought that someday, when everyone is dividing things up my things, they would pick the sampler with their birthday stitched into it.  🙂

I have been sad to watch all the small businesses selling counted cross stitch patterns, thread etc.. go out of business.  I now order all my patterns and fabric and threads on-line.  Good selection, just not the same.  I love to see what others have done.  I love to compare and share and learn.   There is a shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma and one in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania that are on my bucket list.  Yes, I am coming to visit one day and I am bringing a sack lunch.  I am staying all day long!

DSCN4061Why?  Why are all the small handicraft business closing their doors?  Why is it not a valued and honored skill and tradition?  Are we spending so much of our free time taking a chance at a Casino?  Is our free time eaten up with going to the latest and greatest restaurant or playing a computer game for two hours to “pass the time”?  Are our crafting dollars being spent on the newest gadget and the latest must haves?  

I was reading that every house hold needs a quilt or two or seven.  Every bed in the house could utilize 2 or 3 or more.  Each person we meet could wrap up in a quilt.  There is a never-ending amount of people who would love a quilt.  To quilt is a skill and it just happens to be very popular right now.

Yes, I adore quilting.  I adore hand quilting.  Going out of style very quickly.  Folks want their pieces machine quilted and fast.  I love the colors and the fabrics.  I will continue to quilt.  I do find great joy in the art of quilting.  It is a hand craft that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

I guess most of us don’t “NEED” a sampler that took 90+ hours to make.  Most of us don’t want to spend close to $100.00 to have a piece of needlework framed.  A framed piece hanging on the wall will not keep us warm at night.

I must say, I still smile every single time I walk by that piece and the others.  It warms my heart.   I still love that first stitch.  I love the wrinkled piece as I make the pattern come alive on the linen.  I love the idea of my Grands having a piece that was stitched with love and skill.

I love the process.  I really love the idea of making something of value to pass on. I am grateful for the skill I have built.

Popular or not, I will continue on.  Every single day of my life you will find some piece of needlework I am creating.

 Idle hands are the devils’ playground. 

 Sometime today, you will find me stitching.  I would love to hear what you are creating in you neck of the woods.