biking in the rain

Everybody Talks About the Weather, But Nobody Does Anything About It.    

(some give credit to the quote to Charles Dudley Warner, however, I like to give credit to Mark Twain)

This Pacific Northwest girl is bracing herself for another scorcher of a day (not my cup of tea)……….I actually DID something about the weather.   Ha

Earlier, as I was biking four miles, I listened to the gentle splash of the falling rain.  It was rhythmic and calming.  Oh, I biking in the rainlove the sound of rain.  (having a piece of metal for the rain to hit, just outside our bedroom window is a lovely way to hear the drops as I lay in bed).  Today, the rain was gently hitting the wooden deck and the leaves of a big curly Willow tree. The droplets were forming and then dripping off the branches.

It is easy to let my mind drift, gently along with thoughts of mud puddles and umbrellas.

Biking in the gentle rain.  So calming and refreshing.  Everything is glistening with droplets of water.  It smells so clean and fresh. Renewed. No dust or dry grass smell.


Okay, we don’t have rain today.

I did something about it. Yes, I actually did something about the weather where I live.

I set the sprinkler up near the deck.  I was not actually biking around the neighborhood, I was using my recumbent bike peddling away right near the wide open window.  While I got my groove on biking through the “rain” my mind wandered.

I put down my murder mystery and started day dreaming.

I was trying to focus on the two Bald Eagles I saw last night.  I was intent on watching the hummingbird enjoy her breakfast. I was picturing the beautiful doe I spotted in the woods nearby. Beautiful eyes, beautiful creature.

Biking in the rain, similar to laying on the grass` watching the clouds float by,………..neither is a waste of time.

the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness.  m. hershey

biking in the rain 2

Today, just for 25 minutes, be kind to yourself.  Give yourself time to do nothin’.  Oh goodness me, I said it.  Alright, I typed it.

Do nothin’.

Look for and create time for wellness in your day.  It feels lovely.

When you are doing nothin’, you are giving yourself the grace to flourish as the clouds float by.