first friday finish

…and just like that, 27 hours later, the stitching of Ellie Mae is complete.

I have visions of an ornate frame with Belly Dancer bells hanging from the piece.

Question?  Why do I have such a tricky time taking photos with true colors?  In real life, she is juicy and rich and beautiful.  The fabric is a gorgeous warm golden color.  I guess you will have to take my word for it or just stop by for coffee sometime and I promise to show n tell.



The pattern is from the book, all Creatures Stitched and Small by Lori Markovic.

I used 28 count Monaco that I dyed myself with coffee, tea and turmeric.

This year I am keeping a journal of my stitching, sewing and crocheting.  Names, supplies and hours.  Years ago, I kept track of hours spent hand quilting.  I thought it would be a boost to my self-esteem at the end of the year to see what I had accomplished and be surprised by the hours spent.  20180112_074456-1_resized (1)

Of course, you know she is finished.  She has on her Swarovski jewelry and ready for a night on the town.


paint a pillow

I really wanted new pillows for outdoors.  Oh sure, we have cushions, we always seem to “steal” the other chair cushions for comfort.

I wanted rough and tough fabric in case we forget to bring them indoors

News flash, pillows are a pricey date!  Wanting at least 2  pillows…………I began the hunt.  $27.95 for one cute pillow? Times two cute pillows?  Dang.  I didn’t want to end up looking at two pillows all through the summer months, thinking to myself, gosh, I spent $60.00 on two pillows.  How dull and what a boring & lame use of money.

I want fun, happy, inexpensive.

Thinking cap on.

1.  Buy drop cloth from big hardware store.  $7.00

20150530_1426452. Buy a stencil.  $4.19   Use paint and brushes you already have.

3.  Pick a gorgeous sunny day. 20150530_144353 20150530_144146Stencil the day away. 20150530_16085020150530_145129

20150607_1718354.  Cut fabric and sew into two pillow covers.

5.  Buy two pillow forms (with a coupon) total $9.50 20150607_171533

6.  Buy two tassels from the clearance bin.  total $3.96

7.  Get a good book, light a candle, invite Mr. Right to join you,  relax and enjoy your pillows.

8. Snort to yourself…………well done…$12.33 a piece and you love the elephants!

9. smiling and so comfortable

10.  you will find me most summer evenings, reading, drinking juice, eating berries, bare foot with a cute pedicure in the gazebo, using my new pillow.


ps.  My friend received her pattern, thread and linen today.  Let the cross stitch begin!  yippee.