tis the season

20170610_134346-1_resizedOf course, you know what season I am talking about!

Fresh Strawberries and just picked Rhubarb season!!!

This past weekend Mr. Right brought home our first flat of fresh berries to indulge in.  Oh man, this is good stuff! 20170610_084932-1_resized

Oh, la la.  Love berries & rhubarb. (and Mr. Right, I think they call that a trifecta?)

The rhubarb tartness and strawberry sweet somehow mingle together on your tongue to create this amazing flavor combination of perfection.

The first thing I made was a Galette and then I made a sauce.

Enough chit-chat… let’s move to pictures…..


IMG_20170612_162747 (4)

Clean plate club members.  enough said.

The end.

Whatcha been cooking in your neck of the woods?



red fingers

20150602_093648Seems like we wait “forever” for local strawberries.  You know the ones?  Red all the way through, juice drips on your shirt kind of berries?

Grateful to be typing with red stained fingers.  Yes, that red.  That amazing.  That delicious.

So far this berry season we have purchased 2 1/2 flats.

This morning we brought home another flat of those red beauties. 20150602_111751

So I cleaned and cut up one of the half flats.

I made jam. I licked the spoon.

I might have dipped 5 in melted chocolate.

I made a Strawberry Raspberry Gallete.  I licked the spatula. 20150602_114221

I cut up some  & heaped in a white hob nail bowl, just to have fresh berries ready to eat.

I ate a few…….okay several,  just out of the box. 20150602_131128

May I gently suggest you run out, quick like a bunny and buy you and your family some fresh grown berries?

Seriously, GO. NOW.



20150602_110745ps.  huge thanks to the farmers and the strawberry pickers who made this blog post possible.