little beauties

You have a plate in your hand, balancing silverware somehow rolled up in a paper napkin, you are slowly shuffling forward. You are making small talk, sigh, with the people around you.  The line is either a potluck at church, a potluck during your quilting guild, or the dreaded work place potluck.

Now, to be honest, I am not a potluck loving girl (another blog post for another day).

ramen noodle saladHowever, besides the dishes that my friends offer, I  used to have some sort of weirdo magnetic pull towards the “Asian” salad.  I am not sure, if they have ever even heard of “Asian” salad in any Asian country.  I am not entirely sure what is “Asian” about it. Maybe the rice wine vinegar that I use in the dressing?  Everyone has their own take/version of this salad.  Yes, it uses those 19 cent noodles that we call Ramen.  Some of the recipes call for using the magic packet of seasonings, others say toss the packet of love.

Here is the honest truth, I used to SWOON over that salad.  Pretty much, all versions.  So yes, once a year or so I get a hankering and I make my own version that I can have.

Yes, I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  period.

That said.  Let’s talk.  Let’s talk about canned mandarin oranges.  YUM-OH.  I am not sure if it is the texture or the color, they are just little bits of nostalgia from my childhood. I think when my mother served a beige colored tuna casserole or home-made mac n cheese, she thought adding a cup of mandarin oranges to our plates would liven up the color palette.

I had to say buh-bye to the canned mandarin orange.  Yes, they pack those little beauties in sugar syrup.  Hey, maybe that is one of the glorious reasons I loved them so?

Anyhoo, enter Whole Foods market about 2 weeks ago.  I was not looking for them.  I am not on a quest or anything crazy like that.  I just happened to see a can of those beauties and out of curiosity I turned over the can and looked at the ingredients.

20150519_082341ANGELS SINGING!!!  typed on ingredient list:  “packed in pear juice”.

While, I am probably not going to buy a case.  I did a little jig in the store and bought two cans.

For under 1 dollar, I did a jig and picked up a can of those little beauties.

Yes, I served them with some vegetarian fried rice the other night.

Yes, they reminded me of the “olden days”.

Yes, I was smiling.

Yes, sometime in the next couple months, I will be making my version of Asian salad.

Happy Pot Luck dreams!

ps.  No, I was not paid for this “commercial”.  I am just so dang tootin happy to find something without sugar.