happy monday

Knowing the answer before I asked, I did it anyway.

I always have my fingers crossed that something wonderful and amazing and happy and silly will be in Mr.Right’s world on a Monday morning.

I sent a text to Mr. Right this morning.  It was about 6:30 am, yikes.

Was there a basket of “Free pick a pair” of flip-flops as you entered your work place?  Take off those polished work shoes that are making your feet hot and slip on a pair of fun flip flops.  Just for today, to celebrate summer.  Take them home with you when you leave tonight.  Happy Monday!

Was there a big fat bucket of sidewalk chalk and a sign that read, “during your break, go out and get some sunshine and draw to your heart’s content”.

20150629_134052Were there 40 delicious, color saturated visiting quilts hanging on the cubicle walls?  Just think how much “happy” would rub off on all your co-workers for one full week of color and beauty?quilts on walls You know, color to brighten the spirit and lift the Monday blahs?

watermelonDid you walk in to find 6 HUGE bowls of fresh-cut watermelon in cubes to start your Monday off healthy and giddy?

I am guessing you know the answer.

Monday’s would be so much easier and happier if it started with sidewalk chalk.  Love the stuff.  I love laying on the ground and drawing a snail or a pizza or a sailboat.  Next time, I want to draw patterns like you do with a stick on the beach sand.

My Monday morning started with a happy, hairy dog saying good morning to me.  Can’t get any better than that.

When I came out to bike and rebound, I saw a gift wrapped present and card.  (Note to boyfriends across the land, huge extra points and smoochies for gift wrapping surprise presents!)

Of course I tore open the paper.  Ripped right into it like a 5th grade school girl.  20150629_112906-1

Inside were a pair of salt and pepper shakers.  All white and perfect.  Perfect because they are happy elephants.

I ask you.  How on earth could you start a Monday any better than that?

You can’t.


Mr. Right sure knows how to get a girl to smile, early on a Monday morning.

Now, about that bucket of sidewalk chalk at your place of employment……. I can see nicely dressed accounting folks kneeling on the sidewalk drawing frogs and butterflies.  I can picture Monday grumpiness fading away.  I can see men in ties, tossing the tie over their shoulder so it won’t bother them when they are drawing robots and fast cars.

See isn’t my idea of a Monday morning perfect?

Notice I didn’t mention the hour commute with sour drivers?  Notice I didn’t mention eating a donut and gulping down less than stellar coffee?

Notice my version of Monday morning is happy and full of smiling and wrapping paper and a very happy dog and jumping with glee on a rebounder?

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” A. Dumbledore.

ps.  I have had my chickens for almost 3 years.  Pictured with the new salt & pepper shakers are eggs number 620 & 621.  I am grateful for every single egg.

Happy Monday, ya’all.