a pocket of goodness

You know when you take three pieces of silverware; spoon, knife and fork and somehow crunch a paper napkin around 20150619_091840them to secure the silverware and use its weight so that the paper napkin doesn’t float away, while eating outdoors?

Or you host a pool party and spend 48 minutes the night before tying on little Pool Party - Napkins 3Lifesavors around a perfect blue napkin. I will admit, while being an amazingly cleaver decorating idea………..I just don’t want to spend the time doing that.

Hello summer!  That time of year where you get to take your food outdoors and somehow just the act of eating in a gazebo or under a canvas tent, elevates the food you are about to partake in.

Not sure if it is the fresh air, the tired bodies from swimming or yard work, food always, always tastes better when consumed in the great out-of-doors.

So from the perspective of the indoor worker (read that as the mom/wife), prepping the food for the grill, getting the side dishes ready, stacking up condiments, glasses and extra serving spoons ….trying to fit it all on a tray…………to make yet another trip outdoors to set the “perfect” casual tablescape, it is a ton of work to make everything look effortless.

Oh yes, at the last second, the silverware!  Grab the napkins and roll them around the flatware so they don’t blow away.

While we use linen napkins most of the time, that outdoor grilled corn on the cob is mighty good and sloppy and messy and dripping with butter……….paper napkins work best.  Not to mention those little corn holders, where do you put those?20150618_140032


Find some scrap fabric, interfacing & little bits of left over twill tape in your stash.  Cut out some rectangles and make some silverware pockets.  Easy, quick and they look amazing.  Useful you ask?  By golly they are.20150619_083957

If you want the exact dimensions and how to, skip over to sew4home.com and type in flatware pockets.

May you and your clan enjoy many fun and happy meals outdoors.

Throw a quilt on the grass (gasp, did I just say, toss a quilt on the ground?  Why yes, yes, I did.) and have a picnic in your very own backyard.

Breathe in that fresh air.   Say Grace and dig in!

20150619_084149Enjoy that piece of watermelon with someone you love.

Here’s to fabulous health giving summer food!