Say Grace for Buffalo Popcorn

In 8th grade, all the girls wanted/had a need/the magazines said,  to wear the color black and have bell bottom pants.  Urgh.  I didn’t care for black nor did I particularly care for bell bottom pants.  My mother, giving in to some type of weird fashion pressure to allow her girls to “fit in”, bought me a pair of tan-colored corduroy bell bottom pants.  I did not care for them one bit.  Ah, the stuff we will do to fit in.  Back in those days, you just wore what your mother told you to wear.  So, I got up for school, put on the pants, matching colored shoes (of course) and a “pretty white blouse” to show off my eyes?  What the heck does that even mean?  I have been this tall (5’6″) since fourth grade.  I was more concerned with slouching when my mother wasn’t around, so I would somehow “fit in”.  I don’t think for a moment that one school chum remembered my eyes.  weird.  So, I went out the door to walk to school.  Half way there, I somehow managed (I am guessing day dreaming and twirling and twirling and balancing my books and lunch -no one carried back packs then, and trying to keep my hair not so tangled up by the time I got to school) to get my size 9 feet tangled up in my new fashionable bell bottom pants.  I fell down and ripped both knees of the pant leg and had blood and gravel all stuck in my knees & the chicken bone part of my hand (you know that part, urgh).  I limped home, fretting and crying.  I will let you take it from here, how my mother went on and on and on about young ladies….. good posture, proper behavior, the good manners of being on time, even to school………. (secretly worth falling down, ouch………….yuck, goodbye horrible ugly pants).

We all want to fit in.  We crave it.  In our home, we are more Stanley Cup fans than Vince Lombardi trophy fans.  However, all the hoopla surrounding the Super bowl gets rather, what’s the word….. magnetic.  Everyone is drawn to the show down.  The build up, the gatherings, the commercials, the sports gear, the team colored cupcakes at the bakery, the food.  Ah the food.  If for nothing else, you secretly wish you were a fan, just so you could have an excuse to fit in.  I am sure you are familiar…. snack food, finger food, appetizers, cheering, sitting, watching, relaxing.

DSCN3294I saw this recipe the other day and thought, I want to fit in and make Super bowl snacks.  Quick, easy and looks pretty dang good.   Here’s the website where I found it.    Take a moment to check out the site, I think you will find something you will love.  Going to that site makes you feel like you could actually fit in.  Yep, wonky wonderful.  The perfect title.

Here is the recipe:  Pop some corn & while you are at it, do yourself a favor and use coconut oil.  Put about ten cups into a jelly roll pan.  Melt 2 Tablespoons of real butter and mix in 1 Tablespoon Buffalo Wing Sauce.  Mix together and mix it all over the popped corn. Sprinkle with real salt.  Bake in a 275* oven for 20 minutes.  Stirring once in the middle or when you remember.  Put into a bowl and grab some napkins.  I would mention that this is about the time to say GRACE and be grateful for all that we have.  However, I am guessing with all the grunting and cheering and jumping and finger crossing that there will be plenty of people PRAYING on that day.  I won’t have to gently remind anyone.  🙂 DSCN3307

If you are invited to a game day gathering and want to bring a snack to share, this is a winner.  I’m telling you, he looked mighty happy reading his book, munching away (yes, I did notice the unused paper napkin in his lap, and yes, I sprayed stain remover on the bottom of his socks before I did the laundry today, ha) and by the end of the evening the bowl was empty.  Good enough review for me.  DSCN3308