rock solid prayers

20150730_105412I believe in the power of prayer.

There are folks that also believe in good karma, white light, magic and on the list goes.

You can indeed believe in more than one.  They are free for the taking!  The more the merrier!

Let’s agree to believe in the power of good vibes and positive thinking?  The power of kindness and caring.

No matter what you call it, bathing someone in Grace & Hope, ROCKS!

When I type or tell someone, I am going to pray for you or your cousin or your friend, I actually do it.

When I write or text someone who I am sending oodles of good karma their way, I actually do it.

To me, it is a privilege to pray for someone else.  It is a trust thing with me.  I am always so honored that they would allow me into their private lives & trust that I will live up to my end of the bargain.

People have told me that they will pray for me & my health. There are folks who earnestly say they will pray for me.  I can feel the difference.

We have a prayer candle.  Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head, it is battery operated.  Sometimes, I tend to swirl and twirl through life, a lit flame would not be good for anyone.  Mr. Right is breathing easier since he introduced me to the battery operated kind of candles.

I like to set my candle in rocks or coffee beans or rice or black-eyed peas or candy corn.  Depends on the season and my mood,  & how I choose to decorate around it.

However, I always write the names of those whom I am praying for  and sending positive energy to.  I put the rocks near our prayer candle and then as I go about my day and I pass by those names, I am gently reminded to lift them up again and again.

I have collected rocks.  I have bought rocks.  I am your frugal friend.  You can buy a bag of rocks that are flat and easy to write on at the Dollar Store.  rocks

I have a few metallic Sharpie pens.  If you collect or buy the lighter colored rocks you can just as easily write names with a 20150730_110653-1black Sharpie.   Gold and Silver and Bronze just tickle my fancy a bit more.

Sometimes, once folks have come home from the hospital, broken bones have healed or have lived through a difficult time, I flip the rocks over and write different names on the other side.  Time to pray for new folks.

Every now and then, I remove all the rocks and start over.  I have a basket of rocks, all with names.  How wonderful is that to stumble upon??  It reminds me just how many folks have allowed me into their private camp circle and asked for my prayers.

If you ask me to pray for you or send good karma, you can count on me.  It is a promise I make.  A rock solid promise.