fairy dust for goodness

20150722_154203How much does the Tooth Fairy leave these days?

It has been several years since I knew the answer to that important question.  I sort of hope it is enough to buy a cup of frozen yogurt with blueberries on top.

In a weird twist called life, we happen to have a grand, old enough to consider such important topics.

Her birthday is coming next month.   I think she “needs” something this special.

I cross stitched the front. Today made the pillow. Using beads and ribbons and fabric that I already had in my sewing room,  all of the process makes me happy.

Oh, and I added a handful of dried lavender inside the pillow. Let’s call it Fairy Dust.  🙂20150722_151513-1

I sewed on some crystal beads using gold sparkly thread.

Many moons ago, son #2 lost a tooth while visiting relatives in Canada.  Guess what?  The Tooth Fairy found him and left Canadian money!  How about that?  He talked about that for many years to come.

For this grandgirlie’s special pillow, I made the pocket big enough for lots of loot.

One thing I did not do.  I DID NOT sew on a jingle bell.  I didn’t want to alarm the Tooth Fairy when she is on her secret mission.

Fingers crossed the Tooth Fairy will be delighted with such a fancy pillow and leave lots of goodness in exchange.