Cheers to zoddie girls who jingle!

I love it when my brain swirls and twirls and comes up with an exciting new project for me to develop.   Yes, I already own one company.  How hard could juggling two be?

Today, I celebrate with a tall, chilled glass of Juniper Berry, Dry Soda!  Cheers!

This little cottage company will be  Graced with goodness and joy, happiness and giggles.  Every single time I turn on the sewing machine to make a quilt or a toy or a twirl skirt or a tutu I will pray for the little people who will be wearing or using the item.  Every time you hear the little jangle of a jingle bell you will think of zoddie girls.  Yep, that is the name of my new company.  My new label.  I will sew a label into each of the things I create and the label will be printed in purple with the words: zoodie girls.   Makes me giddy to say it.

Today, the sewing machine and I turned out an adorable apron for an adorable grandgirlie.  She turns 2 today!  Imagine that?  Two years, flew by.   Papa (Mr. Right) put together a little kitchen.  I made curtains and little tiny pot holders.  I sewed an apron for the little chef.

Yes, every little thing I sew for little people comes with a little jingle bell sewn inside.  To make the bell jingle all you have to do is twirl, or jump, or march, or dance, or do a little jig.  When my sisters and I were little girls, my grandmother sewed a jingle bell inside our dresses to remind us to sit still in church.  My mother could hear that jingle bell instantly, and yes instantly we got “the look”.  Good girls sit still in church.  Two out of the three of us had a very, very hard time sitting still.  One I know for sure still can’t!  No, I do not sew bells inside my dresses.   I want the jingle bell sound to be happy and joyful and full of goodness.  The only look I want people to offer is a happy glance.  A smile on their faces when they see little people dancing and swirling and being kiddos.

Just looking at her happy little apron sort of makes me want to sew a jingle bell in my grown up girl apron and dance  & bake around the kitchen!

Today, I am grateful for:  401.  my imagination  402.  grandgirlies to love  403.  jingle bells 404.  my sewing machine  405.  Dry Soda  406.  popcorn to inspire me  407.  the power of prayer  408.  inspiration  409.  anticipating a beach trip  410.  late night summer breeze