Monday makeover

The previous owners  of our home, did us a huge favor and left several small cans of paint, extra tile and base boards for us to use .  Not overwhelming amounts, just enough grout and shingles and things to match, in case we needed a little fix up.

Yesterday, we took one of the quart cans of exterior paint and had it matched and bought a gallon.

Today, I used half the gallon. A super easy, quick Monday “makeover”.

To a rather dreary, dark , unloved spot in our front yard, I painted the gate and small portion of the fence.  Then since the brush was still in my hand, I touched up the railing on the porch and a couple of places that needed a bit of sparkle and light.

1.5 hours (including clean up and picture-taking)  and ta-da!  Before and after .

Tomorrow I will add the second coat.

This gate and fence will be replaced next year.  Until then, nothing wrong with a little make up to hide the flaws.

I sort of swoon over quick and easy before & after(s).  Boy Howdy, I already completed this on a Monday with only one cup of coffee!

I have to wonder, what on earth will I be able to accomplish the rest of the week?

Bring it on!

I kind of have a hankering to make some peach Bar B Que sauce and I want to put a coat of primer white on some doors.  Not at the same time……….could get messy.

Love to hear how your week is shaping up.  In this together, friends.

Chat tomorrow.


haint that somethin’

In 1983, we didn’t have pinterest.  Shocking?  I know, I know.  Seems rather “plain jane” to write down ideas in a little notebook or commit them to memory.

I didn’t have a phone with a camera, either.  We had a baby to juggle and I didn’t have extra hands to hold a fancy camera and snap a picture. Never mind waiting until after Halloween when we could “finish” the roll of film and send off and wait two weeks for the prints.  The olden days were hard, I tell ya!

We were tourist in the town of Charleston, South Carolina.  It was the first time for me visiting that part of our country.  I fell in love.  Boy howdy, did I fall hard.  Front porches with ceilings painted sky blue, dark stained decks with beautiful ferns hanging above.

I took notes as well as mental notes.  Once home and baby put down for sleep, I wrote down ideas in a little journal.

Then I waited.  I waited, some more.  We moved.  More waiting.

I was waiting for a house with a porch.

Hello July 2016.  smiling.

I honestly don’t need a picture on pinterest to remind me of what I wished/dreamed and schemed for.  The idea is a permanent part of my brain.

Oh, yes, I took before, during and after pictures of this before and after project.  These are sort of the middle pictures.  The ceiling is painted, the lighting fixture has been ordered, the deck stain is sitting in our garage and I am working up the courage to try my hand at growing ferns next summer……..we have progress!

I chose to use Sherwin Williams 6505, Atmospheric.  No, SW didn’t pay me to write this commercial.  I will say 2 thumbs up on their product.  I wait for a coupon or sale, it is a bit spendy, however, so worth the price. Excellent quality and covers like a dream.  The lines from your brush lay down for a smooth lovely finish. 20160718_193555_resized

I am not a blue lover.  When some little person says, “Miss Daleen, what is your favorite color?”  I usually list off 6 or 7 maybe 9 colors before I get to sky blue.

Why the blue on the porch ceiling?  20160718_193619_resized

In the early 19th century milk paint was mixed  with lye.  Folks repainted every year and duh, the lye in the paint did indeed keep the bugs away.  No, it wasn’t the blue color everyone thought.

Some folks believe that the blue is a way to trick spiders and wasps into thinking it is the sky and thus won’t build their nests there.

We live in the Pacific Northwest and while we do enjoy glorious blue skies as the song by Perry Como reminds us,  the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle…. we have an extraordinary amount of rather dull gray days.  Looking up to see the blue “sky” will be a refreshing treat.

The reason I fell and fell hard for the blue skies?  Haints.

The blue color for porch ceilings are often called “aurora blue or haint blue”.   Aurora blue ~ a Northwest Aurora Colony, a Christian communal society that gained popularity in the 1850’s.

“Haints are restless spirits of the dead who, for whatever reason, have not moved on from their physical world.”  The haint blue is to protect the home owner from being taken.

Dreamy, silly, delicious, right this very moment I am twirling my hair just thinking about this idea………I love the idea of being protected and safe sitting under that Atmospheric Blue.  I love the idea of spirits dressed in fantastic old costumes, now all gauzy swaying above me. This is good stuff, people!!!

Oh and good news, in my morning note, Mr. Right captured the real essence of me painting.  Just sharing so you could get the real feel of the project. 20160719_081146-1_resized

Stay tuned, next up, Autumn Orchid……..hello master closet!

ps.  I am always pleasantly surprised the next morning when I go look at something I painted.  I am always smiling when the paint is still stuck there and didn’t fall off sometime during the night. snort





new again

33 years ago, I needed a changing table.  The tables we found seemed rather shaky.  No, there was not a Babies R Us around the corner.

Then we discovered an unfinished furniture store.  I found the solution.  I found a dresser with a little edge that I could paint and put a padded (later learned water-resistant fabric) cushion on.   So for a few years, I changed babies on that “changing table”.

It started out white with baby decals.  Dang.  No picture.  You see kids, 33 years ago, I didn’t have a cell phone with a fancy schmancy camera built-in.  I actually didn’t give one thought about , HEY, I should take pictures of where I change this fussy, crying, upset, not happy, I mean passionate baby.

Then baby number two arrived on the scene.  Before he made his debut, I painted the changing table yellow.  You see kids, back 30 some years ago, most of us didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.  So yellow paint it was.    Yellow paint with stenciled hot air balloons painted on each drawer.

Somewhere along the way, my “babies” are both now well over 6 feet tall.  I am pretty sure, I could not lift them up on top of said changing table.  Nor do I think they would fit up there.

20140705_100253That changing table morphed into a dresser.  Seven moves later and multiple coats of paint…………I will admit it was looking rather sad.  Somehow what I thought was a beautiful raspberry color, really wasn’t that beautiful after all.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?20140706_173107

The time had come to either say good-bye or get a face lift.  The dresser not me.  ha

So I give you the before and the after.  Oh, I love a good before and after.  I wish I could remember to take a “before” shot , sigh.  The before all sad, dinged up, dull, not gussied up with accessories. Old Lamp, just before she went to Goodwill.    The new & improved ( I know you can’t have both.  Did you hear that product marketers?  You can not have new AND improved.), after version.    New hardware, better lighting, new lamp, Golly Molly, looks to me like we can live together in harmony for at least another 30 years.

Every barn can use a little paint now and then.

Nest up, the guest room chair.  Fingers crossed I can remember to take a “before” picture.