Dew Drop Inn

Our daughter-in-law sadly had to go out-of-town for her very ill grandparents.  Our son was left in charge of the grandgirlies.

Thought I would share some goodness & a couple of photos.  Here is what our oldest (Dustin J. A. Wilson) had to say…

Pour a coke, sit back and enjoy.



birthday sewing

I GOT the call!

Grandma Daleen, “I would like a cooking apron for my birthday, please.”

Makes my heart sing and then:

  1.  Rub hands together in anticipation.
  2.  Go to fabric store and find “owl” fabric.
  3.  Prepare a large and wonderful cup of coffee.
  4.  Turn on the light & plug in the string of flying pig lights in the sewing room & turn on sewing machine.
  5.  Give the dog a cookie and say to her, “let’s get this done”.

When a perfect grandgirlie is about to turn 5 years old, this Grandma’s need to jump into action. 20170308_083943-1_resized

Early this morning, a box was mailed several states away.  Oodles of wrapped birthday surprises.  A little gift for her sister as well.

20170308_083537_resizedMr. Right said, hey, I never got a gift when it was my brother or sisters birthday.  I said, you never had a Grandma like me!!!

Does the owl apron have a jingle bell sewn inside you ask?  OF COURSE it has a jingle bell.  Makes little chefs want to twirl, jump, hop & twist to see if they can make the bell jingle. Does it have a jingle bell?  Such a silly question.

What comes with apron you ask?  Um, (felt) food of course.  A chef has to be able to cook and prepare all sorts of goodies.

This gift comes complete with Sushi, pancakes, eggs, a donut,  peanut butter and jelly on toast, 3 kinds of pasta and an ice cream sandwich.

The perfect feast for a Birthday girl!


Tomorrow, I’ll share the tooth fairy pillow I sewed for her as well.

When this grandma “get’s the call” she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

Chat soon.








plum adorable

Good morning, world!

plumsFor breakfast, I had so many fresh plums piled high, I could not even see my hot rice cereal, sunflower seeds, pecans or strawberries buried beneath.  I paired that with a glass of three carrots, one red pepper, turmeric root, one lemon and one orange, juice.   Now I get to sit back, type a little and drink an amazing cup of coffee with coconut cream, oh yeah.

Can you tell we have a bit cooler weather this morning.  THANK THE GOOD LORD.  I am a much sweeter person when there is a cool breeze and gray cloudy skies.

I am doing some blog housekeeping today, this and that, ………………….


Please stop by tomorrow.  Mr. Right, writes!  Yep, he will be the blogger for tomorrow.  He will take over the blog and we will all learn what pearls of wisdom he has to share.  My guess is that he will be wearing his baseball hat (now and going forward until his score changes,  his all time favorite lucky golf hat) with the huge, orange F on the front.  I am pretty sure the F is  for Florida, but I call it the “fantastic” hat.  Go Gators!  Look at me.  Using sports lingo, like I know what I am talking about.


Before and After.  You know I love ’em.  Remember way back, three weeks ago?  I made a politely requested rainbow dress for a certain grandgirlie’s 4th birthday?  Without telling you what she thought,  I decided to just share before and after pictures.   You can decide for yourself if she liked it.  Oh yes, and grandmas send 20140730_082811butterfly wings to birthday girls and best little sisters around, too.  Turning 4 is a BIG deal.  I am glad the dress and wings got to be part of the celebration! Gosh darn, I love those girls. IMG_0649


I am headed to the great state of California for a couple of days.  Oh yeah. (I can’t even begin to tell you how many times over the years, we corrected the boys and said, we don’t say yeah.  We say yes.)   No Mr. Right, no dog (they have plans for watching  golf and the movie Patton, yet again, the excitement is palpable)   just me and about 200 other people flying on the airplane.  You know just mixing together the TSA, 200 plus people, airport food, luggage etc….. I will be gathering more “timber” for blogging.  I can just feel it in my healthy bones.

That’s right, I am healthy enough to go!  A couple of years ago, with a brand new knee, I had to say no thank you to attending a wedding shower.  boo hiss, poor me.  What a horrid long day that was.  This grandma is going to a baby shower for Grand number 3.  oh goodie, goodie!  This grandma already sent two boxes of gifts.  I promise to share pictures once those gifts are opened.  I do not want to spoil the surprise this late in the game.   Can you believe it?  We are lucky enough to have Grand number 3 joining our family.  I sort of get all giddy in my stomach just thinking about him.   swoon.

In the egg department, yesterday I collected egg number 360.  I will most certainly get back to taking more pictures.

thistle bird feederThe BIG news?  I actually saw a little tiny bird at our thistle feeder this morning!  I have been looking every single morning since the middle of May.  Today was the day.  I saw one, now I have seen several.  I guess the word is out?  I hope they tell all their little feathered friends.  so sweet.

Please come back tomorrow, you are more than welcome.   Looking forward to what Mr. Right has to say.