summer pie

Saturday was the day.  We have been waiting for it since , well, since last year.  It’s been on the calendar in ink!

Heck, Mr. Right bought this print for me a couple of months back to remind us.

Sumner Rhubarb Pie Festival. fruit-crate-labels-rhubarb-packed-and-shipped-by-washington-berry-growers-association

Small town, close main street, meander through booths and shops, wear sun glasses and eat pie.

yep, that’s it.

Smack dab in the middle of Summer.

Goof off and eat pie.


so good.

the end.

going back next year.

delicious read

bookwormBook Worm.  Do people even use that term anymore?

Funny how you never see the police pulling over people for reading books in their cars? (Yes, I have seen people reading with the book propped up on the steering wheel also eating cereal and playing a musical instrument and….. that is a whole different post.)

While growing up, my middle sister was a book-worm.  She would stay in her room and read and read and read.  Until my mother would shoo her outdoors.  My mother would say, you need sunshine & fresh air. So my sister would, with the book open, not really taking her eyes off her page, walk slowly outdoors, throw a quilt on the grass and plop down and continue reading.  My mother was happy and my sister was happy.  Ah summer.

A book so good, you delay getting out of the bubble bath.

A book so good, you delay standing up to start the potatoes for dinner.

A book so good, you peddle past your 4 mile goal on the stationary bike.

Wait for it kids…………………A book so good, you don’t even think about turning on the television and you actually turn off your phone.  Yes, that good.

Let’s hear it for summer reading!!!!



What the heck is going on?

The other day, Mr. Right and I were waiting for the library to open.  It was about two minutes until 1 pm on a summer Sunday. Much to my happiness, there were 27 people (young and old) waiting!!!  I know this because I counted.  Then I counted how many people had books.  3.  Everyone else was there for the computers or the air conditioning or the video check out.


We were returning two overflowing bags(side note:  new book bag is working wonderful!) of books.  We exchanged them for more ……………books.

While I do oodles of research during the other 9 months of the year, there is something fun and wonderful and happy, and scary, and exciting and relaxing about summer reading.  It is free and easy and anything goes.  Such a pleasure.

I am currently reading a novel.  While you all know I can’t keep my hands off a good murder mystery………..this is a regular, no dead bodies, no mystery, no cops and robbers, book.

And BOY HOWDY is it a GREAT summer read. “Delicious!” A novel by Ruth Reichl.  delicious, a novel

Yes, that Ruth Reichl, editor in chief of Gourmet magazine for 10 years, best-selling author, mom, wife, cat owner (as if you really “own” a cat).  She is smart and witty and has a knack for drawing the reader in and holding on.

She makes lovely and hilarious observations. She has this charming ability to capture people and celebrate them.

“effortlessly entertaining” as one critic wrote.

paragraph four, page 67, “The meal was the epitome of simplicity, but it made me feel as if, until that moment, I had never really tasted anything.  Later we wound our way through the hills, singing arias from our favorite operas as we peregrinated from one tiny town to the next.  Late in the afternoon we suddenly found ourselves embroiled in a traffic jam.  I believe it was cased by a religious procession.  We sat there for quite some time, and then Remy leapt from the car, crying, “let’s go!” as he began to climb the hill.”

I am only on page 127 and I gotta say, it is sitting here, taunting me to finish this blog post and fall back into the story.

The stress free fall into the pages of a good book are very liberating.  You can become the characters or just simply drink espresso and watch from afar.

Beach_Read_Nasos_Zovoilis_251855-590x420I love to indulge in summer reading.  No notes.  No highlighter.  No serious discussion over dinner.  Just reading for the simple pleasure of reading.

Have you been to the library this summer?  Have you dropped your kids off at story time, while you thumbed through the “new book” rack? Have you sat on the beach, with a big floppy hat and read a steamy paperback?

Don’t fret, there is still a month of glorious summer reading time left!

May I gently suggest a trip to the library?  Or stop reading this and download a book on your Kindle.

Another gentle suggestion?  May you value yourself enough to bathe yourself in the Grace of time spent reading for fun. Just for you to breath and relax.  No pressure.  Just the act of reading to let off a little steam.  Like that crazy hissing valve on a pressure cooker.  Only, not as noisy.

I would love to hear what you are reading this summer.  Please share.

Don’t you love going to the book store or library and seeing where they showcase “staff picks”?  I am always so curious as to how a book is so beloved that a staff member is willing to put their name on it and shout to the world…… this book, it will change your life!

I don’t know if “Delicious!” will change your life.  I do know it will bring you hours of entertainment, relaxation, and time to breathe and escape.

Please share,  I would love to hear and check out your summer “pick”.

Woman in deck chair on beach

shred, baby, shred

The hotter the temperature outside, the lower my motivation for cooking becomes.

However, if you have a few things prepped and ready to go, once dinner time rolls around you can toss together an amazing meal.

Tonight on our outdoor table will be served some amazing sweet potato, caramelized onion, black bean tacos.  Sounds too dull or bland?  Wait until you taste the Vinegar Cole slaw that tops them off.  Great flavor, tang that dances across your tongue and your mouth will water for more.  Did I mention easy and 7 minutes top to prepare?

20150625_095749Please do me one favor.  buy the cabbage.  Yeah, I said it.  Skip the bagged cole slaw already cut up and somehow doesn’t go bad?  Too weird and tastes funny to me.  Make the effort.  Really?  Is it that hard to take a knife and shred some cabbage?  Go ahead, might make you feel good.  Get some of that frustration out.  Think of the driver that cut you off or a co-worker that rubbed you just the wrong way today.  You will have your cabbage shredded in no time.

Buckle up, this will be quick, choppy and easy peasy.

Vinegar Cole Slaw 

1/2 head of thinly sliced green cabbage, 1 cup thinly sliced red cabbage, 2 whole carrots shredded and 3 thinly sliced green onions.

Mix together 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 Tablespoon great mustard, 1 Tablespoon raw honey, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 1/2 teaspoons celery seeds (don’t skip, really makes it delish), real salt and ground pepper.

Mix together, chill to marry those flavors, let them get to know each other.   Then, top your tacos.  Top your fish tacos. Top your black bean burger.  Top 20150625_101631your falafel.  Pile on a big mountain of the stuff right on your salmon burger with a slice of grilled pineapple.

Say Grace, Say hello to Summer cooking and enjoy every single tangy bite.

um, I think you spilled a little on your shirt.  yeah, right there.

the wedding planner

The Wedding PlannerJoleen, the bride in this picture will celebrate her 30th High School Class reunion in a couple of weeks.  That should help you guess how old this photograph is.

Also in the picture is Coleen, the bridesmaid, maid of honor, hair dresser, make up artist, fashion coordinator and “decider” of what shoes/sandals to wear.

Oh and that’s me, Daleen.  Wedding coordinator/ planner (in those days we had no name for it, they just called me Bossy), minister, time-keeper (I borrowed my Grandpa’s watch), organizer, lunch “decider”, keeper of the ring (we borrowed a ring from my Grandma, or used a pop tab ring).  I also decided what songs we would sing and when to break for lunch or supper.   (I also moon lighted as the minister for the nearly  daily hummingbird funerals that sadly died, running into the huge picture windows. )  I was very versatile.

My grandparents lived on the northern tip of Washington state right on the water.  We played, swam, rode bikes, walked on the beach, collected sea glass, built forts, ate ice cream (my grandmother cut ice cream, did not scoop it) all summer long.  However, when the dahlia and rose gardens came into full bloom, we KNEW it was wedding season.  While other sisters played “house” or “next door neighbor”, we played wedding.

This blog post is dedicated to my friend, Joanne.  She is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and event/wedding planner.  If you visit her site, you too, will love how she answers the question, Why do you need a coordinator?  So you can enjoy yourself.   Made me smile.  www.katherine’

dahliasI happen to know the behind the scenes of those beautiful stunning weddings.  Sisters  aka “brides and brides maids” have melt downs and would rather jump rope than  practice for the “ceremony”.  Dogs don’t want to wear a crown of flowers.  Popsicles drip on “wedding gowns”. The minister can’t make everyone to be quiet.  Sometimes the “bride” needs a 30 minute nap.  There are uninvited “guests” bugs, mosquitoes, garden snakes and sometimes boy cousins.  Geesh, there is so much for the wedding planner to deal with.  I like to refer to it as “behind the scenes magic”.

Beautiful weddings and events don’t just happen, there is a ton of planning.  The bouquets for the lunch “reception” table.  Choosing the colors of the day.  We made the decision by what dahlias were in bloom that day.   Sometimes, we had to re-purpose the bridesmaid’s gown and use it for the tablecloth for our reception.  The mother of the wedding party, came out to check our table settings, to make sure they were proper and to serve lunch.  Of course, the minister said grace.  The bridesmaid toasted the bride with her glass of milk held high.  The bride got to take the first bite of lunch.dahlia  335+ years ago, tying the bouquet with string wasn’t in fashion, it is what we had.  We used little empty jelly jars for vases and our photographer (our grandpa), seems to have snapped only 3 or 4 pictures.  We played wedding five or six summers in a row.  In our family, daily weddings were not picture worthy.

I used to have a dahlia garden.  It made me smile.  I think it is time to plant one again.

Every single time, I receive a stunning summer bouquet of Dahlia’s from Mr. Right, it makes me smile and remember so many “weddings”.

Here’s to all the summer brides!   May you have blue skies and bridesmaids that are sweet and kind and charming.  May you find and cherish your Mr. Right.

…and to all those wedding planners………………………..I love that you are willing to be bossy to help everyone have a good time.

To my friend, I adore that you found your calling.  Every single bride that has the pleasure of working with you is so lucky to have found you.  Just by being who you are, you will make their world more fancy.

ps. After the ceremony and before we went swimming or bike riding, while the bride and bridesmaid neatly folded our wedding finery, the wedding planner had to gather all the cut flowers and bring them into the house for their Grandma.  Ah, the life of a wedding planner, yes, lots of behind the scene magic.

Hugs and Kisses to all wedding planners. May all your weddings be bug free, creepy boy cousin free and most importantly, Popsicle free!


flip flop my attitude

Saturday, I dashed into the fabric store to pick up some buttons.  My brisk pace, slowed ever so slightly as I saw some employees stocking the shelves with autumnal decor and  whatnot’s. My step faltered  for the briefest of moments.  I got a giddy feeling in my stomach.  I continued on.  The calendar says it is July 8th and  I am still picking up burnt ends and spent bottle rockets from my backyard, there is NO WAY that I can be politically correct and voice my opinion that Fall is my all time favorite season.

In my attempt to shake off the Negative Nellie attitude, I am listing 17 things I like about my fourth favorite season, summer.

DSCN0963wearing flip-flops

summer reading

biking outdoors 


cross stitching outdoors

roasted corn on the cobcorn on the cob

going barefoot

star fish hanging from our dining room light

Sunday drives 

short hikes

fresh berries 

wearing loafers with no socks

fireworksawe-inspiring fireworks display 

grilled vegetables


walking on the beach

soaking up sunshine

This is probably where I should type, catching fire flies.  However, when living in Oklahoma, spying a fire fly, I climbed up on a short brick wall, reached out to grab it to show the boys.  At that exact moment, I grabbed the post, my ring caught on a rusty nail…………….fill in the blank……………..damaged finger, bent ring…missed by “this much” capturing the elusive bright fly.

Here’s to a happy, carefree summer day of pure goodness.  If I string enough happy days together, the end result is a happy, carefree spectacular summer.  Fingers crossed.

  What’s your story?

Every Summer has a story.