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I tossed the damp towel on the edge of the bathtub.  A couple of hours later, it was still there.

Must only mean one thing………vacation is over.  Here at home, there are no efficient maids that work behind the scenes. (to be clear, this is a picture of the hotel bathroom, not the master bath in our home )venetian-bath

This year to celebrate 35 years of being married, we chose to do something completely different.  Certainly, different for us.  In a surprising twist, two folks who don’t drink, smoke or gamble decided to go to Las Vegas, Nevada!

venetian-resort-armillary_2400x1600To spend time, in a glamorous suite, at the Venetian exploring a whole new world was most certainly different and quite an adventure.

8949It was a week of art, beauty, gardens, waterfalls, food, glorious food, treats and sunshine!  We are so used to pouring rain and gray, it took a day or so for us to dry out and revel in the glorious rays of the sun.

Daily breakfast at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant had VACATION written all over it. Seriously folks.  I want live in that restaurant.  I want that floor.  The service was 8958extraordinary. The food was exemplary.  If you order the French Toast it is little pillows of heaven served on the most exquisite marmalade you have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The coffee is perfect. Oh, and then as you are just about to leave……….wait for it………they bring you a “to-go” cup of coffee, already with the perfect amount of cream to take with you, to help you ease into the day.  BLESS THEM and what they have created.  Such extravagance.

The gondola ride was anniversary perfect.  The music, the gondolier, the roses, the water, the perfect (faux) sky…… charming, every moment of it was charming and fun (I mean 8945romantic).


Having my palm read has been a secret desire.  I don’t know why I have never been brave enough.  Vacation has a way of making you brave enough to try new things.  I did it and it was super fun & silly & wonderful all mixed together.  After she was done, I told her she was spot on and accurate about everything.  (I wanted her to know she did a good job.)  She said,  “I know, it’s my job.”   Really?  How did she know I study one hour each morning?  ummmm….

A daily treat of swimming and lounging by the garden pool, was so nice.  Just hearing the waterfall and lollygagging for hours was dreamy.

We visited some beautiful gardens and wondered around until we found a glorious bakery.  See?  Vacation is DREAMY!!

Vacations allow us glorious time, somehow remind us we have permission to slowly walk through a garden and fill our spirits with saturated color and beauty. We walk slower, we take more time to gather goodness.

This Monday morning, our vacation envelope is empty.

Time to start saving and dreaming about our next adventure. I’ll wait for you to go get an envelope and pen.  Saving and anticipating the next glorious adventure is wonderful. Write on the outside of the envelope where you want to go.  Put a dollar in the envelope. Seriously, one dollar.  Seed money.8956

Vacation fills our pitcher.  We owe it to ourselves to dream and anticipate and plan.  Then once on vacation, the sun feels warmer, the coffee is richer,  the pool more relaxing, the desserts are more decadent (I forgot to tell you all about the glorious, thick, creamy dreamy Tiramisu dessert that we had made right at our table……..ah……)  oh, and did I mention the shared tangy, Lemon Gelato? 8947

Taking the time to plan a 35th  anniversary vacation, reminds us to celebrate what a really good marriage we have. Yes, my friend, celebrating marriage is THAT important.  By making an effort to celebrate anniversary 4 or 17, those celebrations most certainly help you get to number 35.  By celebrating number 35 it helps you get to number 47 and so on……

Here’s to great marriages, amazing experiences and wonderful breakfasts in French restaurants!

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post card to you from me

post card from Sanibel Island, Florida.

(Some of the postcards I send say, “the weather is here, wish you were fine”) haha.

Here is your real post card:


Hi friends,

The weather was lovely and daily dancing around the 95* mark.  Oodles of sunshine with an occasional afternoon storm.  Sanibel Island, Florida was a dreamy place to spend 8 days.

Had lots of fun.  Collected a basket full of shells.  Learned the names of the shells, 23 new to me bird species and a plethora of plants and flowers.  Went bike riding.  Did a tiny bit of shopping.  Mostly, just watched the sunrise each day, hunted for shells, walked barefoot and swam.

I miss you.  Fingers crossed you missed me, too.

Love, Daleen


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vacation balance

How would you celebrate 1,000 days of healing and wellness?

20151028_143417 Would you swim in the Sea of Cortez until your muscles shook?  20151027_13013420151028_142307

Would you sit in the shade and drink fresh squeezed juice?

Would you paddle in a bright yellow kayak until your arms felt like jello ?

Would you walk on the beach, collecting beautiful shells?

Would you lay in a lounge chair and look at the Milky Way and spy a shooting star?

Would you turn off your cell phone for a week and just listen to the waves?

We did just that.

We woke up every morning for a week, looking at the sea.  Breathing in wellness.  Counting our lucky stars.

This was the very first vacation ever, that we did not have to come home to recover from.

We went to the sea to breathe.

20151027_125949We went to center ourselves and find balance.

There is plenty to be had for all.

Wellness and balance were there the whole time, we just needed to slow down, open our heart and souls & accept it.

20151029_080656 (1)“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness.”  mary anne radmacher-hershey

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vacation twice

20150718_112032-1The moment you pour that wonderful, aromatic cup of French press coffee, you take in a deep breath and look around for the perfect place to plop.  You spy & choose the cozy chair. The corner, stacked high with books and twinkle lights dancing above you, will be the ideal place to vacation, again.

You want to sit down and breathe and think back.  Think back to the best week you have had in ages.

I sift through photographs.  I like to print ours.  I like to shuffle them like a 20150712_212003deck of beautiful vacation cards.  Oh sure, I pin one up and I frame a couple.  I like to feel them and see them and shuffle them back and forth.

Actually, when you think about it, it is so lovely to relive your vacation time all over again.

One ticket stub reminds you of a stunning ferry ride.  bc ferry

One business card gently reminds you of the lovely, quiet, inspiring Needlework and button shop.

20150712_212848A pink and white checked paper sweetly reminds me of the Victoria Coffee Cream Chocolate we indulged in.

One printed flat paper bag, is a reminder of the well crafted handkerchiefs I bought for Mr. Right.

This past week, I found myself, reliving certain conversations.  Chuckling over something funny that was said or the warm feeling you get just being quiet as you experience a raw and powerful scene in nature.

When you choose to spend your “free” days with a very smart and sassy friend, you are somehow elevated to a new playing field.  You bring your “A” game.

The beautiful part about sitting and drinking a cup of joe and reliving pure goodness (besides the amazing coffee and your feet up)….you get to experience it twice.

Two vacations for the price of one.  Pretty sweet deal.

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45, 46 & 47

Hello campers!  I have been away from real life for 7 days.

Read that as I was playing hooky from life.  In other words…… VACATION!

States I have visited now equal…..45, 46 & 47.

We started in Louisiana.  Then meandered through Mississippi and ended up in Alabama.  Alabama….. land of grandgirlies!

Sometimes, when I attempt to write on my blog, I make a list of words to help me remember.  Maybe I should just type the list of words?   Before you read through the list, let me just say in advance, today and every single day this week, I will be biking 5 miles and walking 2 miles. This week will be green juice and more green juice.  Every single meal will be vegetarian and whole real foods.

one dayRead that as, “How I ate my way through Spring Break 2015”. 

Leave home at 2:45 am


New Orleans

36th floor room

French Quarter

wrought iron, exquisite iron lace balconies

architect’s Row



Mississippi River

Plantation houses


Lake Pontchartrain


Bourbon street

Cigar making shop

Voodoo shop

health and healing bracelet

Cooking school



River boat

Beignets & cafe au lait




Shrimp and Grits (oh, la, la)

French Market (America’s oldest continuously operated public market, 1791)

three prints and two t-shirts

Voodoo Dolls

Christmas ornament

Edgar Degas House

Spanish, Mohan cheese


cafe du mondeBeignets & cafe au lait

Seafood Gumbo

Mardi Gras Masks

Beads, beads, beads


Chicken and Waffles

Shrimp Po boys

Rich, spicy Cajun food


butter, more butter

Beignets & cafe au lait

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAabove ground cemeteries

rental car

Biloxi Bay Bridge



Mobile, AlabamaFour GRANDS!

GRANDGIRLIES: hugs, kisses, more hugs, high fives, smiling

presents for girls

began teaching “On Top of Spaghetti”

Lunch at Mud Bugs (Seafood Galore!)

Tour city

Mardi Gras store (bought a fancy mask)

Moon Pies

Malaga Inn, 1862 (sweet Southern Charm)

girls pretend to sleep on hotel bed

Peanut shop

Chocolate for grands

breakfast with the grands

made beaded necklaces and bracelets



singing “Let it Go” really loud

Point Clear

37* (did not bring heavy coats or mittens or ear muffs)

Fabric Store


Beignets and fresh lemonBeignets and lemon

Mobile Museum of Fine Art


Mardi Gras exhibit

gowns, crowns, shoes, beads, beads and more beads

take out food for supper

playground park

fast food with the grands

Frozen yogurt and all the toppings you want with the grands

dollar store with the grands, (of course you can have a princess balloon)

SURPRISE Southern Craw fish Boil 

Southern Hospitality

Craw fish, shrimp, corn, potatoes, celery, garlic, mushrooms



Craw fish beads

bon fire

plastic Craw fish (called mud bugs) for everyone

morning visit, sang song 3 more times

sad goodbye (yuck)

stupid rental car

back to New Orleans


read 371 page book (tried to forget about sad goodbye)

planned next vacation

drove the hour home

home at 1:30 am

started first of laundry

slept in own bed











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It’s vacation……throw away your undies!

2,784 miles and we are home safe and sound from vacation.  Oh it was fun and happy and exciting.  However, Home Sweet Home feels pretty nice.

Where we love is home~ home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Believe it or not, I missed blogging.  I missed chatting each day.  I want to grab a huge mug of steaming hot coffee, wrap both my hands around it and tell you all about our travels.  Two handed coffee hour.  You know, slip the cell phone back into your purse?  Just sit, with our feet tucked under us on a quilt thrown onto the sofa and chatter away.

DSCN5350 I want to tell you about the Trees of Mystery.  I want to chatter on and on about Hearst Castle and the Pacific Ocean. DSCN5391 I want to drink coffee and tell you my favorite parts of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  I want to share pictures and tell you about picking up pine cones in Oregon to bring home.  I want to tell you about the piece of pie, Mr. Right and I shared on Canadian Thanksgiving.   Vacation was all that and more, much more.

We each bought a t-shirt.  We of course got squished pennies.  We got to sleep in a raft (hahaha, yes, cross my heart truth).  DSCN5344 - CopyLove the “Suite Raft” room in Grants Pass, Oregon.

We met lots of American travelers.  Hi pajama guy in Oregon!  He was walking around the hotel one morning, coffee in hand, pajamas on,  saying good morning to almost everyone.  One morning, while eating breakfast, a Golden Retriever, came walking into our very nice hotel.  Funny and sweet.  (the owner came running in to find said dog).  We saw children gorging on bowls of fruit loops and soda for breakfast in California.  We met oodles of dogs and owners.  People from North Dakota took our picture atop a mountain.  A very nice grand-daughter traveling with her grandparents took our picture at Hearst Castle.

It was so much fun.  Exploring and hiking and walking, driving (oh my, lots of driving) and eating………..Holy Toledo, the eating.   We bought an amazing book about where to eat along our travels.  I promise to share that in another blog.

Our hotels were all really, really nice.  The hospitality was top-notch.  The hoteliers went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable.  We were offered candy and hot coffee, tea and snacks.  We could not have asked to be better taken care of.  Our homes away from home.

Oh, you want to know about the undies comment?  You know how you have less than perfect under garments?  YES, we all have some that need to be retired.  A bit too “loosey goosey” elastic, a tiny hole here or there, polka dots or animal print have faded a bit too much?  Come on!  I know you do, it can’t just be me! So, while on vacation, if one of those items comes up in the rotation, I don’t put them into the laundry bag to carry home.  I am a wild woman and I throw them away.  That is right!  I just toss them away, like I am a queen.  I wear them once and then toss.  No second thoughts, just do it.  It’s all rather glamorous.  Wear and toss.  Wear and toss.  haha, admit it, you know you wish you could do it too!  Really, go on vacation and toss away.  It is all very freeing.  Nothing like being on vacation to bring out my wild side.

Today, I wanted to say, hello friend.  Glad we are back.  The chickens are good.  The dog is snoozing on her bed.  Mr. Right is back to work.  Orders for dog cookies have piled up while we were gone.

While sleeping in wonderful top of the line beds, yes, even the raft bed was amazingly comfortable (loved the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling)………..home to our very own bed felt pretty darn good.

Oh, and did I mention we got to meet the best little grandson ever?  Put your coffee down a moment.  Here take this photo album.  Look at him here.  Look at him in this outfit.  Oh look, here he is in his stroller.  He is cuddly and adorable and amazing.  His parents are doing well.  They are taking to this whole “parenting thing” like they were meant to be mom and dad.  It was wonderful to meet the newest in our family.   Today, was his two-week check up and he is doing amazing.  Healthy and in tip-top shape.  He has been to the beach already and while he doesn’t much care for the wind in his face, he loved the sights and sounds of the ocean.

We were so lucky and grateful that we got to meet our new Grand.  You know how President Eisenhower named Camp David after his grandson?  We decided we are going to name our home, Camp ZAC.

(Zoe, Adelaide and Cooper).  Being grandparents is just the best job ever.  Loved that first moment they put that bundle of goodness into my arms.

 A simple, perfect moment in time.

Vacations, I highly recommend them.


wash twice for extra sparkle

I can hear the waves coming in and out.  In and out.  WAIT.  That’s not the waves at the beach.  That’s the washing machine.  geesh.   You know vacation is over, when you pour your own coffee in the morning and you hear the rhythmic cadence of the washing machine.  By the way, there is NO front desk to call and request an extra towel to dry your hair.

DSCN4468We are home after spending a few days on the Oregon coast.  Doing the things folks do when they go on holiday.

We spent our days:

Walking on the beachDSCN4461



sight seeing


lounging in the hot tub

deciding where to have a picnic

DSCN4427taking pictures

indulging in treats

Local Ocean signfiguring out where to have dinner

exploring new places

finding a new bakerypanni bakery

bought postcards

breathing fresh air

buying  a couple of goodies in a mini gift shop on Nye Beach

talking in the car

playing Scrabble

DSCN4409celebrating a birthday

and laughing

When we come home from vacation there seems to be an amazing amount of laundry.  geesh.  Took over an hour to vacuum out our car.  We brought home a LOT of souvenir sand from the ocean.

As much as I adore, relish really, going on vacation, I am plum tuckered out.

While unpacking and sorting laundry I slipped my wedding ring off and put it into my pocket.  Forgot all about it.  After a few loads of laundry this morning, I heard a sound in the bottom of the washer.  Behold, a couple of very sparkly rings.

Not really a good idea, however in this case it turned out okay.  Wash your rings a couple of times in the washing machine.  They come out all sparkly clean.   Good Gravy.


The sea called my soul and I answered with all my heart. DSCN4472