almond milk

Today, I made Almond Milk.

20150427_110735Oh sure, I started soaking the 1 cup of raw almonds 2 days ago.

Although, that is as tough as this recipe turns out to be.

Now, I won’t go on and on about the dairy boys, the hormones or the artificial ingredients.  I will just say, I have chosen to make my own. Dairy is not part of my line up, however, I love to use Almond milk in my hot cereal in the morning and don’t even get me started about an afternoon cappuccino.  oh la la

1 cup of almonds (soaked one or two days in filtered water) , drained and rinsed.  Please don’t save the enzyme water.

4 cups filtered water, 1 Tablespoon raw honey (you can use four dates or agave or 20150427_111012coconut sugar…), 1/8 teaspoon Himalayan salt, real vanilla (or use part of a vanilla bean)

Put all in Blendtec.  Push whole juice.  Once. Twice.  For a total of 2 minutes.  Strain through cheese cloth or mesh nut bag (amazon 8.99 that you can reuse over and over).

20150427_111942-1Pour into storage container for refrigerator.  I am looking for an old-fashioned shaped , glass milk jar.  I think that will make me smile.  Until I find one, this jar will work fine.

Pure creamy dreamy goodness.  Happy!  Healing!

In this together!

Here’s to your health and wellness!  (and saving some money and not ingesting nasty chemicals)