look out! back to school, sharks!

20150731_083003-1 (1)Doesn’t’ every grandma spend two days, sewing shark pencil cases?

Two days of “shark music” strumming through my brain.  Oh, you know the sound….da da….da da……da da…da da……

What?  Everyone doesn’t sew shark pencil cases?  Certainly, you tease?

First, I made the “fabric” by piecing several scraps of grays together. 20150729_153538

Then I cut out the pattern.

Next up, I cut out the red fabric for the lining (guts and gore, haha).

Sewing the teeny, tiny, incredibly small miniature zipper into the mouth for teeth, was the most tricky.

I got to run my hands through thousands of buttons from my button jar.  I found two pairs of matching “eyes”.  However, I took my time.  I fingered the cool, smooth buttons of various hues as they ran through my fingers.  Everyone ADORES a button jar.

20150730_201401Jeepers, Creepers, I thought all Grands NEEDED Shark Pencil Cases for back to school?

Learning is cool.  Just doing my part to help the process.

In case you want to make some sharks too, here is where I found the pattern.