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20150810_21081850 points is serious stuff.  Not very often do I earn those glorious extra 50 points.   You earn them by utilizing all of your tiles in the game of Scrabble during one turn.

I am sure you are familiar with the board game Scrabble?  It is a fixture in our home.  It comes out on winter days.  It is on the table during the summer.  Friends come to visit, it is on the table for morning coffee.  We share scores with family members via phone or text message.

Our family looks forward to visiting each other and bringing out the board games.

While waiting for dinner to finish cooking, we play a game.  While listening to music, you got it, we play a game.  Heck, we even have Scrabble tiles on the refrigerator door!

We purchased our game of Scrabble in 1986, while living in Alaska.

Mr. Right has been keeping written score of our games and dates since 1995.  Hard to believe, yet so true.  Here is the proof!20150810_215322-1

20150811_095031We keep score on the inside lid of most of our board games.  Boy howdy, we have a lot of board games. Scrabble, Cribbage and Kismet seem to come out most often.

It is fun to see who won last, the date we last played and if something remarkable happened that game. (high scoring word, or earning 50 points twice in one game.)

Board games are engaging.  We chat and sometimes eat snacks.  We laugh and are serious.  We look up words and yes, we keep score.

Taking the time out of an ordinary day to play a game makes the day, um, just better.

How to turn an ordinary day into a day of goodness and gratitude.  I am so grateful to have a friend to play a game of Cribbage.

During the Home schooling years, we would go, once a week to an assisted living home and the boys would play chess with a couple of residents.  Both parties were happy to have a new chess opponent.

Oh sure, you can play Cribbage on-line.  While waiting to have your oil changed or waiting your turn at the DMV, sure a computer game is a fun way to give your brain a break and waste some time. 20150811_095607

Nothin’ beats a real person, across from you.  An other human somehow, makes you bring your A game.  Oh, that win is so much sweeter when you know you tried your very best.  When you loose?  Makes you want to play again.

Get out a board game and make a memory.  Yes, it is fun.  Competition is not all bad, some times you even win!  it is a great way to let go of the day’s heaviness.  You know what I mean?  Extra long commute, bank fraud, not thriving pumpkins…… whatever the yuck.

May I gently suggest getting out the Scrabble game and playing a game after supper tonight?

Fingers crossed you win tonight.

Seriously, you don’t have a Scrabble game?  Get thyself to the local store.  Buy one.  Hours of fun times just waiting for you and your family.