permission, yeah right

soupThe other night, a friend made a comment and it sort of stuck in my brain and swirled around.

Yes, this is how some of my blogs take flight.  They swirl and twirl and grow wings of their own and before I know it, I can’t create or accomplish anything else until I address the topic.


Somehow, as life has marched on, we tend to forget that our lives belong to us.  

We are ALLOWED to take accountability for our actions.  

Oh yes we are!.  I don’t give a hoot what others say or think, I have to take full accountability for what goes into my body.

We were chatting about hospital stays.  I begged her, if she ever went into the hospital to please, please tell me.  I said, for the love of mike, do not eat one bite of that food.  I promise to cook for you and bring you food that will heal you not harm you. She said, “oh, they don’t allow you to bring in outside food”.  I said, I would get a bigger purse.  done.

Somewhere along the way, it has become easier for all of us to follow the rules.  We seem to need a permission slip to eat what we believe will heal our bodies and souls.  Parents are needing to defend what they are sending for their children to eat for lunch. Somewhere along the way, it became acceptable for a child to bring a “lunch-able”  and boxed sugar drink with no questions asked. However, if a parent sends in a vegan lunch, with homemade peanut butter and homemade crackers & a smoothie… is called into question.

While in the hospital,  I politely said no thank you to a Salisbury meat product with instant mashed potatoes and gravy made with chemicals, and a small piece of cake.  I said no thank you to cereal and french fries.  I said no thank you to pudding and jello and fruit cups.

I did say yes to homemade soup and fresh fruit, that Mr. Right brought from home.    No it is not “allowed”. However, I am worth more than following the rules. 

My friend is certainly worth more than processed cereal or a slice of processed white bread or jello with sugar and chemicals.

Unfortunately, recently, one of our sons was in the hospital.  The food was certainly not for good health and healing.

I can say with some authority, I was not able to eat any of the food offered to me in the last couple hospital stays.  Every single thing I put into my mouth is aimed at healing not harming me.  So that means, I choose not to eat MSG or sugar or dairy or meat products or anything processed and on and on the list goes.

Of course, I rarely want to have a discussion about this.  The discussion quickly turns into a HOT topic and someones feelings get hurt.  Food is so personal.  If it is not a sacred topic, one of the parties ends up feeling like they are being judged. However, if you ever want to have/share/participate in an informed discussion, you know where to find me.

Not many folks believe as fervently as I do, that food can heal the body.  I am still working on healing and spending every soup 2bit of extra energy on doing just that.  I hardly ever spend time, trying to convince others to think this way.  Yes, it breaks my heart when I hear the poor choices some children are given.

I try to combat that with sharing a recipe or two with someone I know will give it a try.

My life depends on it.  My friends’ life depends on me not following the rules.

Today, while you are feeling fit as a fiddle, make a plan.  Ask someone close to you, if they would bring in a thermos of homemade soup if you should ever have to be admitted to a hospital.

I am now old enough and wise enough to write in bright red lipstick across the bathroom mirror