be nice to the new girl

In a twisted, random turn of events, as of today, we have one more chicken.

Here in the Pacific Northwest a huge storm is a brewin, working up a pretty good fuss and everything and every living creature is unsettled. Things seem topsy-turvy.  Wackadoodle.  Strange.

Late last night, I received a text message from our daughter in law in Alabama.  Would I adopt a chicken from a friend?

Tell me more.

Years ago, Gabi, our daughter in law, worked with a gal & they have kept in touch via social media.   Her friend’s sister had a chicken come to visit in their backyard.  They questioned all the neighbors.  No.  No one had lost a chicken or knew where it came from.  They did not want to become chickenistas.  They have been searching for a “farm” to take it to.

Enter social media.

They needed someone to adopt this chicken.  Our Gabi saw the picture and asked me if I would consider it. 20161014_104318_resized

Sure, okay.  I will do it.

note:  All those times you have heard…. the animal went to a nice farm to live with other animals……….Today, I became that “nice, green pasture (read that as lawn) farm”.  I promised to continue to share pictures with the four-year old girl who was happy to hear I live on a “farm”.

Earlier today, the new chicken arrived in a cardboard box.  As we all were, she too was soggy.  With the rain coming down and the wind gusting……….here you go.   No time for a welcome party, this is just a quick howdy do.

Martha, Ginger and Dolly……meet the new girl, her name is Coco.  BE NICE!


Name, What to Name her?  Stormy?

Daughter in law, Gabrielle suggested that I go more Glam with the chicken names.

Like Gianni Versace, Vera Wang, Gloria Vanderbilt or Coco Chanel.

That’s it!

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel  better known as Coco Chanel.  So in honor of Daughter in law (Gabrielle) and her glam suggestion……………

Welcome to the flock, Coco Chanel. 20161014_103952-1_resized

Geesh, why the need to “claim” their pecking order all over again?  Interesting, the most quiet, calm, nice girl, Martha has become the NASTY, BOSSY, MEAN girl.  Jeepers.

It is rough on them and me. All our feathers are ruffled.

No, there is nothing I can do.  Extra distractions, keeping her separate is not an option right now as the storm bellows through.  I just have to trust nature to do what is right.  Everyone has shelter, fresh food, water, treats and a big lovely cabbage.

Hold on and be nice. In this together, friends. 20161014_103955-1_resized



4 thoughts on “be nice to the new girl

    1. Thanks for saying that. yes, it is stressful watching them be so mean to the new girl. They have all been calm the last hour or so. Maybe that is because of the pouring rain and wild wind. Everyone has ruffled feathers.
      The “hidden Jewish Mother” in me is feeding everyone so much, not much time for fussing and fighting. haha

  1. Kathie

    Welcome Miss Coco. Stand tall and let your new friends know that you are no threat, just looking for a nice place to live. Hang in there girl!!!

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