granola for the win

DSCN4856Granola and I have history.

I love her crunchy goodness.  I adore her nutty sass.  I love the variety.  I always get a kick out of seeing a jar or two on the counter.  The jar is crammed full to the top with all sorts of goodies.  I love to turn the jar over and finds bits of goodness hidden here or there.

Oh, be still my heart, the color.  The toasted, roasted, gently browned warm caramel color.  Makes me light-headed.

Sometimes, I am in the mood for the clumped together bits of love.  Sometimes, I want to precisely pick out a perfect piece of toasted coconut or a perfect pumpkin seed.

In my old life, I loved dumping gobs and I mean gobs of granola into my yogurt.  Fast forward a couple of years.  Good bye yogurt.  Good bye oats.  Good bye making trays and trays of the stuff to nibble on in the afternoon or on a car trip.  sigh.

Enter grain free granola, posted by   Teresa is another blogger  that I follow and heart.  She lives here in the Pacific Northwest and has a spirit that sort of oozes through the computer screen.  Her goodness sort of gets all over you once you visit her page.  Yes, that sweet and sassy.

I owe her.  I owe her my love and gratitude for ever and one day.  She shared an amazing GRANOLA recipe sans oats.  I am one thankful girlie.

Heck, my dog is giddy.  When momma is happy, everybody is happy!

This morning, while indulging in my hot brown rice cereal with fresh sliced strawberries, I was doing a little jig in our kitchen.  I generously sprinkled on the granola!  Then I went back and sprinkled some more.

Heck, full honesty here, I already grabbed the jar and ate a few bits and pieces while I was on the phone.   Um, that would have been my 9:51 am snack.  DSCN4852

This is goodness for goodness sake.

This food is worthy of my spirit and good for my soul.  Yeah, bet you didn’t know granola could be so deep and important?

Indulge, we are worth it.  Here’s to our health and wellness!

ps.  please add a jaunty bow to your jar.  It elevates the goodness, and yes, Virginia, you are worth it.

 “Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”  ~Hannah Green

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