want some cookie dough?

Today, while day dreaming, I remembered one really great story.

The first 20 years of our marriage, Mr. Right was the traveler.  The US Army “invited” him to travel all around the world.

For the most part, I stayed back and “kept the home fires burning”.

Once in a while, I would fly off and have an adventure and then return to tell all about what I did.

Mr. Right would pick me up from the airport, kids in tow.  There was/is always a small cooler with icy cold water, sparkling and plain for the weary traveler.

Once home, we put the youngin’s to bed.

Then he got out a bowl from the refrigerator and two spoons.

Making homemade chocolate chip cookies.

In the bowl was Chocolate Chip Cookie dough!

CookieDoughSpoonInstead of baking cookies, he got out two spoons.  Handed me one.  We sat on the sofa and ate raw cookie dough with spoons.   (Yes, I know it is bad for you.  Yes, I know it has sugar and dairy and white flour and raw eggs.)  I got to talk with my mouth full of delicious, raw cookie dough!  All while telling about what I did and listening to what he and the boys did while I was away.

Then in the morning, once awake, Mom and boys got to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies (not quite as many as the usual recipe made, I wonder why?)   and talk about what we had beenchocolate chip cookies doing.

Here’s to a glorious, relaxing weekend ahead!  Happy Friday! 

May yours be full of cookie dough or cookies, your choice. 

ps.  I worked on more of my blog lesson for today.  I stopped when I reached my “cuss quota for the day”.  New brand being developed.

ps.  What are you still doing reading?  Quick, go make some cookie dough!Sunday's Child, Branding